Boyfriend Material

Boyfriend Shirt Dress - Height Goddess/Shoes - Target (Mossimo Vivian Pointy heel in size 11)/Belt - Fred Meyer/cuff - Forever 21/Earrings and bag - Target

Photo credit: Eric Rodriguez

So, if you haven't noticed, I am on a dress kick lately. I am obsessed with them and one in particular is the Boyfriend Shirt Dress from Height Goddess. Oh how I love thee! Let me count the ways:

1. It is an appropriate high-low dress.  We have all had that moment when we try one on in the store and our lady is peeking out in the front and the "low" in the back is barely covering our buns.  Great for a laugh but not something one should ever wear in public.  The Boyfriend Shirt Dress alleviates all of that being just the right, sexy length for us.

2.  It's versatile. The dress has built in tabs that enable you too roll the long sleeves up.  I wore the dress to a graduation this past weekend.  I left the sleeves long for the graduation, then rolled them up and added a belt for the actual party.  I got compliments in both settings.

3. The print. It's FAB. Enough said.  If you don't agree. No judgement.  There are 2 more colors: fuchsia and black.

Another thing I am obsessed with is platinum and silver frosting. They are THE fierce metals of the season. I paired the dress with some of my new pick-ups including one of my favorite finds, the pointed-toe platinum pumps from Target!  I went in for milk and came out with some killer shoes.

By the way, I know you are probably like Alicia is trying to fit her size 12's into 11's...that is not cute.  The answer is no.  I am certainly not.  I just happen to be able to wear some brands in size 11, especially in a pointed-toe shoe.  That is all. have seen how I rocked the Boyfriend Shirt Dress, how would you?