Weather Girl

Sweater cape - Method Boutique/Whitney Skinny Jeans in Onyx - Height Goddess/Long Sleeve Crew Neck Tee - Height Goddess/Clutch - Watch Shop (Oakland, CA)/Booties -  Payless (size 12)/Bracelets and scarf/H&M

Photo credit: Jasmin Porter

Right now we have some spring in our step and summer is on the way but it's April and what does that mean...showers.  Yep.  It's that time where the weather is beautiful one minute and raining the next.

My cure for confused weather is layers.  I will wear anywhere from 2 to 3, depending on what Al Roker and my local weather woman Christina Loren tell me in the morning.  That way I will always stay warm (being cold is not my favorite thing to do), and still look great if I have to peel off the top layer.

In this case I have 2 layers on.  The first; an all black, lightweight foundation of Height Goddess Skinny Jeans and the very versatile HG Long Sleeve Crew tee.  I wear their long sleeved tees all of the time.  The arms are SUPER long which is always a good thing.  The second; the green sweater cape from Method Boutique.  It's very long in the body and is cut so the baggy look doesn't look sloppy.  Both layers can definitely look great on their own.

The last thing I always do in spring is lighten up the look with neutral frosting.  Light accessories can change the entire look and feel of an outfit.  Trust me.  Take one of your fall/winter looks and change up the accessories to spring friendly colors.  You will feel like you have a whole new fit.

What will you wear to welcome the April showers?