Serving Tracee Ellis Ross

Photo credit: Jasmin PorterOne of my style icons is the FIERCEtastic Tracee Ellis Ross (I feel like she would appreciate that made up word). 

I have been a fan of hers from WAY back.  Her style is always flawless.  I don't care if she is in mismatched workout gear, she is the epitome of FIERCE.  So when I clicked on her blog and saw my face, I almost fell on my face! For her to classify me as stylish is a fashion honor.  I immediately got up and made an acceptance speech.  It went something like: Today I have crossed the threshold into fashion fabulousness.  I would like to thank my Mama and The Academy.  It sounded a lot better and far more emotional at the time.  I am still waiting for my award.  Apparently it's in the mail.

Needless to say I am elated and can't thank Ms. Tracee enough!  Check out all of the amazing women she highlighted.  Honored to be a part of it!

PS. I know you have fashion down, but I would love to be a fashion contributor on your site.  I'm serious.  Please let me know what I need to do and I'm on it...I'm here and I'm ready! (<-If you don't ask. You have zero opportunity).