TallSWAG: Elle Finland

If you see a 6'6" girl happy dancing like a maniac, that's me.  I am SO excited and honored to be featured in Elle Finland!

I was featured along side of some amazing tall bloggers;  Laura Schofield from All The Tall Things, Kacy of Height of Style and Irene Naakka of Mademoiselle Pigalle

Honestly, this is one of those moments where you have to pinch yourself.  I am so thankful and blessed for everyone's support and I am amazed by the growth (pun intended) of TallSWAG this year.  I truly can't wait to see what is next!

I have to give big thank you to Elle Finland and Mirjami Pullinen for selecting me for the piece and to Kate Bowyer of YBowyer Photography for taking the beautiful photo featured in the magazine.

While I can't read the article (and would love a translation), I know how I answered their questions and would like to share it...happy reading!

Tall is Beautiful!  Don't EVER forget it!

Elle Finland Q&A

Elle Finland: What is the best style advice you’d give to your tall fellow women?

Alicia Jay: Never think of your height as a limitation.  Your style is YOUR style and you should never put it in any kind of box.  No matter what, you should and can express yourself in every way that you want to.  Don’t let the limitations in our choices dictate how you choose to express your style.  While there are more and more choices for us emerging every day, don’t be afraid to alter or create fashion into exactly what YOU want.

EF: Could you name three pieces of clothing that fit you/tall women in general perfectly? I mean the ones one should really invest in.

AJ: I think every woman should invest in a great pair of skinny jeans.  You can pair them with anything and wear them for multiple seasons.  My favorite skinny jeans are from Height Goddess.  They carry inseams up to 39” with amazing colors.  The cut and quality is amazing.  For a more curvy tall fit, PZI Jeans are great.  Their extra long skinny jeans go up to 38”, come in great options and sizes up to 18.

Second, I would say a long sleeved cardigan.  What I love about a cardigan is that you can dress it up or down.  It’s a very versatile piece that should be a staple in every closet.  You can belt it, button it, layer it…it really is a fashion jack of all trades.  I love the cardigans from Long Tall Sally.  They are plenty long in the arms and cut beautifully in the body.  Gap and Banana Republic also have cardigans that fit great.

Third, and it sounds cliché, but every tall woman should have a black dress that fits them like a glove.  Don’t be afraid to tailor this piece because it will be used time and time again (in general you should find a tailor and make them your best friend).  Ann Taylor, TopShop, Long Tall Sally, Height Goddess and Suzy Chin are my top 5 spots for amazing dresses.

And of course I can't stop at 3 so a chic blazer is a must.  You can wear them anywhere and create completely different outfits by changing the base pieces underneath.  Wear it with a pencil skirt and dress shirt for an office look and then change to skinny jeans to go hang out after work.  The Method Boutique and Banana Republic have Ann Taylor, Banana Republic and Long Tall Sally have great blazers and suiting pieces.  Also, don’t be afraid to go for a blazer with a ¾ sleeve.  You can find them at places like Forever21 and they are great for layering.

Something you can't forget...SHOES! Are shoes technically clothing? No. But they are essential in making every piece of clothing you have POP! When you wear amazing shoes, your SWAG sky rockets.  I don’t care what outfit you are wearing, it is enhanced by a sick pair of shoes.  Barefoot Tess is my go-to spot for shoes.  They carry sizes 11-15 in every style imaginable.  I also love Zappos for their choice and return policy (free shipping both ways) and Shoes of Prey because you can custom make your very own pair of shoes up to size 15.