TallSWAG in 2012

I know.  It's January 3, 2013 and she's just now getting the 2012 wrap-up on the page?  Yes.  This is true but what happened was, I just couldn't write it.  I tried 9 times over the last 4 days to write this blog but every time I typed it just seemed that my words were not genuine and I will never post something that isn't real.

In all of my 9 attempts, I started to tell you about how 'awesome the year was and while that was partly true (and I will get to that in a moment), the fact is, it was a tough one for me.

I lost my Dad.  Cancer took his life in a period of six months.  I have wanted to share that for a while now but it was too fresh. Too raw. I just couldn't form the words to tell the truth.  I was (and still am) a Daddy's girl and to have him taken from me like that was indescribable.  I think in some ways the full blow hasn't hit yet and from what I understand probably will continue to come in waves.

My Dad is and always will be one of the main contributors to who I am as a woman (the other, my amazing Mother).  In his successes and mistakes, he gave me an unbelievable foundation and I will forever be grateful to God for that.  I would not be who I am without my Father in my life.  Although I miss him to the core, a moment of his love overshadows any loss that I feel.

In loss you find amazing things about your life that were always true but are highlighted in times of darkness.  I have amazing family and friends.  I am blessed to be an Auntie to an amazing 8 year old girl who comforted me when nobody else could.  God is always there and loves you when you have nothing left to give. That there are no mistakes in life and everything, whether happy or painful, is a piece to His plan.  With Him I can get through anything.  I am strong. I am amazing.  I am created to change, live my story and share it with those that God places in my path.

If you are reading this right now, you have been placed in my path and that is my 2012 highlight.  That is awesome.  That is one of the biggest things I am grateful for.  The growth of TallSWAG in 2012 is amazing but what I find truly astounding is the support of each and every single person who supports me and TallSWAG in any way.

Unknowingly, you got me through the hardest time of my life.  In particular, your comments and emails about our fabulous tall lives validated everything I feel I was placed on this earth to do and I will not stop until it is done.  We will change the way people view 'beauty' and everything that surrounds it.  2013 will be a game changer.

Live your purpose and by all means...let your TallSWAG shine through!