Think Vintage

Dress - Vintage by the pound/Earrings - Forever21/Bag - Watch Shop (Oakland, CA)/Shoes - Size 12 'Blonsky' by Nine West via Zappos

Photo credit: Jasmin Porter

I have found a new love.  It's older, attractive and fun with character for days.  No, it's not a spunky 60 year's vintage!

I always thought vintage was beyond a tall woman's reach.  I mean, it's hard enough to find clothes that fit now, let alone gently worn clothing from back in the day.  BUT I quickly found that there are many vintage clothes that we can rock.  Most of the dresses are longer and fit our tall bodies amazingly well.  Do you have to roll some of the sleeves up or tailor them slightly?  Yes.  However, you can find some great clothes and accessories at a steal that truly look gorgeous.

I found this dress at a place I stumbled upon when I went back home to Portland, OR.  It's called Vintage by the Pound.  It is, just as the name reflects, vintage clothes by the pound.  You walk in to heaps of vintage clothes, search and buy for $6 a pound.  I had a great time finding the vintage gems and got this dress, another dress, a blazer, 2 shirts, a metallic clutch and 3 packs of vintage buttons for under $25.  Not too shabby.

The bag is from one of my favorite vintage shops in Oakland.  I got it for $10!  It's not true vintage (more of a 'thrift' piece) as it's an old J.Crew tote and I love the way the metallic finished had aged.

The shoes! OK.  Not vintage at all.  But they went completely perfect and are a great addition to the collection.  As always, thanks Nine West.

So the moral of the story is...get out there and shop vintage!  I promise you will have a great time and find some amazing pieces along the way:)