LLXLLQ: Focused on Shoes

LLXLLQ. Designer Italian shoes, size 10-11 (including half sizes).Last weekend I had an amazing experience.  I attended a focus group for a new shoe line called LLXLLQ.  The line of shoes is Italian made, sizes 10-12 with HALF SIZES.

The group consisted of moi, 5 other beautiful tall ladies, 2 of the owners and 1 moderator (the only guy in the room *brave man*).

Part of the LLXLLQ focus group. We had a fabulous time talking about fabulous shoes.We talked about our sized shoes for hours but it was so refreshing, it felt like minutes.  I use ‘refreshing’ because all of us were on the same ‘shoe page.’  Think about it.  When was the last time that you were in a room where EVERYONE was going through the same problem as you.

Almost never.

We talked, we laughed and at times even got mad together.  Why is this still something that we have to struggle with?  Are there more options…yes.  Can we walk into any store and find the size we are looking for…no.

The fierce shoes I wore to the focus group. They are not LLXLLQ but I had to show them because they are some of my favs! I couldn't walk into a focus group about shoes without representing my collection well:)During our talk, we found some common things that we love and some that we hate:


  1. Trying on shoes in person.  We like to feel the quality and try the fit before we commit to buying it.
  2. If we shop online, we love free shipping and free returns.  It’s almost like shopping in person with some pesky waiting time in between.  It’s not ideal but we are not spending any extra money to get the shoes that we want.
  3. Shoes in ALL styles.  We don’t want to settle because the selection is low.  We want to be able to find what we need, when we need it.
  4. Videos.  If we shop online, we need to see our shoes in motion.  We are WAY more likely to buy if we see the shoe on and in action.
  5. Amazing return policies.  Please don’t give us 14 days to send something back.  We have busy lives and a quick turnaround for returns will make us pass on the shoes.
  6. Sales! Who doesn’t?


  1.  Do not, by any means, call our shoes large or plus.  We don’t need a word to describe our shoes.  Just provide them in our size and keep the descriptions to yourself.
  2. Shoes that do not come in half sizes.  We are thankful for the emerging selection BUT half sizes are a big plus because most of us are not a ‘true’ size. Half sizes = happiness.
  3. Only shopping online.  We need a preview for purchases.  If we have a chance to at least try the fit, we are more apt to make regular online purchases.  Pop-up shops are our friends.

I found myself getting emotional throughout the focus group because although we have come a long way in tall fashion (thank God), we still have so much more to go!  You are not alone in this.  We are going to make this change together.  I will make sure of it!

Do you agree with the focus group?  What did we miss?  Let me know in the comments below.


The next day I had the pleasure of going to an LLXLLQ sample sale.  It was great because prior to the sale they have you fill out a form and specify all of the shoes that you want to try on and they are right there waiting for you when you walk in!  There were also tons of other styles to choose from and try on.

While all of them weren’t my particular style, there were plenty of pairs that I liked including the pretty pink pair that I ended up taking home with me.  They hit two of my must haves in my shoe collection: a pink shoe and a shoe with a bow.

My LLXLLQ shoe selection. The Harriet. Also comes in suede yellow. $155. I absolutely love them.  They are so comfortable, great quality, are a true size 12 and have pretty packaging (which is something I really appreciate) as well.

The overall line had a little bit of something for everyone.  From prim and proper flats to studded pointy toe heels, there is a pair for a plethora of tastes.  LLXLLQ also hits a big point on the ‘LOVE’ list with free shipping and free returns in the US.

The main thing that I covet about the line is that it comes in half sizes.  Hands down, this is a HUGE problem that we still face and LLXLLQ is taking that head on.

So, if you are a size 10-12, check out LLXLLQ.  If you are in or close to the Bay Area, you can check them out in person by scheduling an appointment at their shoe closet in Palo Alto.

What do you think…are you going to add LLXLLQ to your list?