No Small Feet

It's not everyday that you open up the newspaper and see yourself staring back at you.  Sunday was the exception to the rule because I opened up the pages of the Oakland Tribune and boom, there was tall ol me:)

TallSWAG was featured in Sunday's Oakland Tribune.I was honored to be interviewed by Jessica Yadegaran from the Bay Area News Group.  The topic: your favorite and mine...SHOES!  She wanted to know where to find them in our size and more importantly the changes that have been made in tall fashion to enable us to find them. 

I am so thankful for people like Jessica who highlight the changes that need to be made in our society.  There is absolutely no reason why it should be hard for anyone to find clothes or shoes.  We are not the 'standard' size that the 'industry' has set and there should be choices for EVERYBODY.

Speaking of choices, here are some that were highlighted in the article. 

Barefoot Tess happens to be one of my favorites and both of the shoes that I am wearing in the newspaper article are their beauties. The shoes featured in this photo are 80%20 Seanne Wedge booties.  They come in sizes 11-15.  

Photo credit: Ray ChavezThe flats I am holding in this photo are the B.F.T. by Barefoot Tess Kingston flat.  They come in 4 colors, sizes 11-14. 

Photo Credit: Ray ChavezThis was also taken during the shoot.  It didn't make it in the paper but it's in the online version of the article HERE.  These are some of my favorite shoes this season! The J. Renee Rattle heels also from Barefoot Tess (can you tell that I LOVE me some BFT:).  Right now they are available in 2 colors (red and black) in size 12 however you can pre-order a size 13.

Photo Credit: Ray ChavezI am so thankful to Jessica Yadegaran for writing this article and including TallSWAG!  I would like to give a special thanks to my fabulous friend Susan Forbes who told Jessica about TallSWAG which resulted in being included in the article.  I can't thank you enough!

Ladies, please know that our feet are amazing!  They keep us from falling over and no matter what the size, it's my mission to show you that there are FIERCE options out there.  Wear your size and rock it well...TallSWAG it all day!