Dare to be YOU

TallSWAG was Featured on Essence.com for their amazing Dare to Be You Campaign! I'm elated. Over the moon. Giddy. This tall girl is doing the happy dance and won't be stopping any time soon.

Why am I so happy?

Besides the obvious reason of being on the prestigious magazines website, it's that the post may have reached a tall person out there who needed to hear that they are unequivocally beautiful!  Say it loud and never forget to say it proud...tall is beautiful!

I wasn't always this confident.  I didn't always dare to be me.  I am remarkably grateful and feel truly blessed to be in the position that I am today...a tall, confident woman who today and everyday DARES TO BE ME!

Dare to be YOU!

Dare To Be YOU! Tall is beautiful. Never forget it:) Click to find out what the campaign is all about.