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Tall Clean Zip Coat - NEXT/Trendsetter Leggings (36" inseam) - LEL/Dome Satchel - The Limited/Booties (size 12) - Payless

Tall Clean Zip Coat - NEXT/Trendsetter Leggings (36" inseam) - LEL/Dome Satchel - The Limited/Booties (size 12) - Payless

You know that saying, It's all in the details...well...it really is.

Take the Tall Clean Zip Coat from Next. It has a very classic cut but the colorblocking, high collar and buckle detail make it stand out in amazing ways. It's no longer a coat, it's a statement.

I paired it with what seems to be your typical leggings until you get to the knee. The trendsetter legging from LEL has a faux suede detail that brings them to a whole new level.

Lastly the booties (size 12) have patentblocking (I totally just made that up) and a button detail that give them a vintagey feel. 

Moral of the story...look for small things that represent your style and set your look apart from the rest. Details are the frosting on the cupcake my tall friends:)


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Often times people are so caught up in Christmas shopping that they forget that New Year's Eve comes immediately after. I for one am not going to let that happen to you. You must be fly to bring in the New Year so check out the Tall Options below. If you act fast, you definitely have enough time to order and get them before the ball drops.

Now these are not tall but haute midi options fit our tall frames well. They may not hit where they are supposed to but they hit us at an appropriate length for a beautiful night out. Another key thing to remember about midi's is that you can go right in to a store and find a plethora of options. The midi is a great last minute pick-up for your New Year festivities.

Want to spruce up a dress that you already have in your closet? Shoes and accessories are a great, cost effective way to take a dress you already have from 0 to 100 real quick.

There you have it...a quick guide to a tall New Year. I wish amazing things for you and know that 2015 will be your best year yet filled with everything you could imagine and outstanding things that you never could conceive!


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Checked Blanket Coat - Next/Tall Long Sleeve Tube Dress - Next/Shoes - Joan & David/Watch - Forever 21/Clutch - H&M

Checked Blanket Coat - Next/Tall Long Sleeve Tube Dress - Next/Shoes - Joan & David/Watch - Forever 21/Clutch - H&M

I am obsessed with the tall coats from Next. They are entirely hot and haute. Not to mention they have extra length for us in both the body and arms (as any true tall garment should).

This particular hottie is the Checked Blanket Coat and she is a betty. I love the collar, oversized yet figure flattering cut and a matching belt to tie the whole look together. Now...it is pretty thin but it is really warm because it is wool. Lastly, I love the hemline of the coat. It adds a little flair without making the coat too fancy to wear with casual bottoms.

I paired the coat with the same dress that I wore in the Black Sand post. It's a slightly different look for the dress, further showing the versatility of the simple-chic piece that is also from Next Tall.

Another tall coat from another tall retailer that you should definitely know. What do you think...was this checked coat a checkmate?

Black Sand

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I don't care how you are dressed or what you are doing, when you see a beautiful beach at sunset, jump out and take some pictures. Without a doubt, that should be one of the rules of life.

Now that we have that settled, look at this tall dress! Not only is it a true midi, it also has long arms and a crazy cut that is very flattering on our long frames. While It is stunning on it's own, I also wear it in a lot of ways. Now, I know what you are thinking, that low back isn't appropriate for all looks Alicia. You are right. It's not by itself. But I have worn this dress to work with a blazer and went super casual with a belted sweater. It's an excellent tall foundation piece.

Now the shoes, you have seen these before but I am pretty enamored with them...we are definitely booed up right now. They are from SMASH Shoes which is a brand of shoes that only makes sizes 10-13. I am super impressed with the brand, have worn the shoes many times and am a bonafide fan. I can't wait to try more options from them.

I finished the look with a tribal inspired red hot clutch with some subtle frosting. With the cut of the dress, your back is a beautiful statement piece so no need to over accessorize.

Back to the whole run out on the beach at sunset thing. Do it. Seriously, do it. Stop staying in the same lane day in and day out. Live a little. Love a lot and thank Him tirelessly.

Pleather Pretty

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Work is a place where people tend to get lazy with their style. I know I do. I mean, I see these people every day and quite frankly am too tired to put effort into the way I look when we had a game until 11p the night before and have to report at 8:30a the next day. Do I go out of my way to be perfectly polished? No siree bob. You will be lucky to get some wavy hair and a smattering of eyeliner.

But this is not the right way to go. I had to check myself. Alicia, take 30 extra minutes and do something substantial with yourself. You never know what can happen in a day. A normal work day could turn into a multitude of things and first impressions are evareethang (I spelled that wrong on purpose). Shoot, continued impressions are equally important.

Today's look is a perfect example of a pumped up work look. Don't go for the drab, go for the freakin fab. Pair classic options with unexpected pieces that still adhere to the office wear rules.

I paired this chic skater skirt with a leather look sweater that gives the fit the flare it needs. I belted it to give this tall body some shape and added my fav neutral heels from SMASH Shoes.

So that's my answer to my lazy style habit...what's yours?