Pretty in the City

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Mini Dress - ASOS Tall/Faux Fur - WAYF via Nordstrom/Shoes - Nine West/Neck Piece - Forever 21/Bracelets - Charlotte Russe/Tights - Hanes/Clutch - Thrifted Photo Credit: YBowyer Photography

Mini Dress - ASOS Tall/Faux Fur - WAYF via Nordstrom/Shoes - Nine West/Neck Piece - Forever 21/Bracelets - Charlotte Russe/Tights - Hanes/Clutch - Thrifted

Photo Credit: YBowyer Photography

I feel pretty,

oh so pretty.

I feel pretty and whitty and bright!!! (in my Julie Andrews voice)

This outfit has me all giddy y'all. I mean, what girl doesn't want to prance around The City in a frilly dress, fab heels and a faux fur coat??? This Tall Girl does and did.

Last weekend my friend was having a little soiree in San Fran so I hopped on the Alameda ferry and floated right over. As you can imagine it was chilly (and it's always a bit windy in SF) so I opted for tights instead of bare legs. I also thought it added a pinch of glam to the look.

I absolutely love everything in the pink-blush family right now and this dress definitely hit the color mark. I paired the pink with greys to keep the whole look soft. And don't you just love the tall-short length? It's definitely showing some leg (as we should) but we would also be showcasing some buns too without the tall ASOS cut of this mini frock.

The shoes take the glam meter up a notch as well because of the t-strap. It's a nod to those proper times where bustles were très chic.

Last but certainly not least, my neck was definitely frosted out cubic zirconia style (fake it til you make it boo) courtesy of the one and only Forever 21. I am pretty sure I put one of the owners kids through college with all of the accessories I have purchased over the years (a bit over the top, but you get my drift). You just can't beat the chic options and price points.

We had a fabulous time but it really didn't matter in the end because...I felt so dang pretty!

So dress in what makes you feel giddy and have some fun this weekend! I will be mad at you if you don't and nobody likes a mad Alicia;)


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Hello my Pretties! I hope you are having a day filled with light and crazy joy! If not, stand tall and walk confidently through the haze until you get there.

Today's look is on the comfy side. You know we love a high heel but there are days that call for fierce, flat moments. So many details to talk about...

This Tall Bomber Style Jacket is brought to you by Talltique. It's by the actual Talltique brand and made from eco-friendly vegan leather that looks and mostly feels just like the real stuff. It has a 29.5" arm length and can be worn in many different ways. One thing, make sure you check the sizing before you order. I am wearing a size 2 and I wasn't even a size 2 at birth. It's a fabulous staple for any Tall Girls closet. If Caramel isn't your thing, it also comes in black.

The layers of shirts are prime examples of what I constantly talk about. The striped top was one of those I tried it on in the store and ohmygosh it actually works pieces and the Tall chambray top is a Tall basic I ordered online that was a little pricey but totally worth it because I use it as a foundation for SO many outfits. I mean I have worn this bad boy so many times that the cost has become obsolete (at least that is what I tell myself). 

The shoes, the shoes! So...I searched the globe for size 12, chic slip-ons that didn't require me to donate one of my organs to pay for them. No dice. But then, out of the clear blue sky, (I am so dramatic) arose a perforated, sleek pair that goes up to size 13 for the glorious price of $19.99. Run that debit pronto. By the way, Payless, go on ahead and make a Tall Sista (specifically me) the face and voice of your extended sizes. Please and thank you.

Lastly, the busted knee jeans. Sigh. I couldn't find a pair to save my life. If I did, they were high-waisted and even though I live for a good pair of those, that's not what I wanted in my busted knee beauties. So, I took the task into my own hands and busted those knees right out of an old pair of 37" alloy jeans I had. I just put the jeans on, placed scotch tape where I wanted them busted, took them off (very important), made a small cut and then ripped them open. Wow. That sounds like an episode of Criminal Minds. Of course, right after doing so, life presented a Tall pair from ASOS. Don't be shocked if you see them in a post.

So there you have it...my little slice of casual Heaven. What do you flaunt on your kickback days?

Pop Quizzes and Speed Bumps

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This story has been on my heart since last week. I am not sure why I am sharing it, but know that there is a purpose for it.

On this particular day I was extremely tired, in a bad mood but had a lot to accomplish. I was running errands at lunch and noticed a woman who was riddled with illness. Her hands were permanently clenched, back painfully arched and both legs were barely keeping her up. She had a cane and was literally stepping in inches to her destination.

Regardless of her illness, her pride was shining through. She wasn’t giving up. Even if it took her hour to get down the corridor, she was going to make it on her own. I wanted to help her but could tell that it would be an insult to do so. She was determined to beat her body. Her mind wouldn’t let her physical state win.

I immediately felt ashamed of my ridiculous worries and insignificant feelings. Who was I to inflict self-strife for such futile emotions? She had every reason to throw an extravagant pity party and chose life, faith and focus. With tears welling up in my eyes, I looked away from her in sheer disgust for myself.

And then she stopped,


demanded eye contact,

and said hello to me.

Her hello was a distinct lesson for me. She was not her illness, she was a person walking forward in faith through the fire who would not let me walk by without showing me that I could do it too.

I have been through a lot in my life, weathered many storms, but the insignificant day-to-day ‘struggles’ in many ways affect me more than life changing events. Why do I have insurmountable faith in overcoming large obstacles in my life and not the same resolve for the speed bumps that happen on a daily basis? If this woman could take the time out to smile through her enormous test how could I continuously fail pop quizzes?

The answer is, I can, I will and you can too. No matter what is going on, from tiny to gigantic, walk in constant faith knowing that this is all in the plan. Every state is there to shape you into the exact form that you need to be in to execute God’s plans for you. The tests prepare you for the execution. They all require faith. One isn’t any more important than the other. Stand tall and learn from them rather than wallowing in the discomfort they create.

I am going to make a concerted effort to live these words and maybe I wrote this to show you that you can do it too. Thanks for listening.  

Tall Style Tips Every Tall Girl Needs to Know

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Click the image for outfit details. Photo Credit: YBowyer Photography.

Click the image for outfit details. Photo Credit: YBowyer Photography.

Hey Loves! Guess what? I was featured in an amazing article on Buzzfeed! It's called 21 Very Necessary Style Tips for Tall Girls. It is a great article and I am in some amazing company!

When Buzzfeed approached me about participating in the article, I obviously said yes before they could finish the question. I then picked my brain for all of my tips and sent them on their way. I love all of the tips that they selected but I thought I would share my full list with you tall lovelies:) Check them out and let me know what you think (pretty please:).

1.      TAILOR LOVE. Yes. You will have to tailor some of your clothes but guess what…every shape, size and height has to! Unless you create the garment from the ground up, nothing is specifically made for you. Don’t be afraid to spend a little extra coin to make a garment just right for y-o-u.

2.      RAID THE MEN’S SECTION. Men’s garments are always cut longer (how stereotypical) and the line between a men’s garment and a women’s garment is slowly fading away. The cut of clothing used to be drastically different but now men’s options are becoming more unisex and far more figure flattering (not to mention, menswear is the new black). Venture on over to their section or better yet, comb through your man’s sliver of the closet and see what you can find.

3.      COVET ¾ SLEEVES. Most stores do not carry tops with sleeves long enough for our long, beautiful frames but they do carry ¾ sleeve options. This is a sleeve length that is universal for everyone and is actually more flattering on us because our limbs are longer and are accentuated by the length of the sleeve. I also love making a faux ¾ sleeve. Roll those puppies up! It takes vintage shopping to another level.

4.      CUFF LOVE. There is nothing wrong with making a pant that just isn’t quite long enough, into a cuffed ankle or capri. All it takes is a couple of turns to the pant leg and voila, you have a pant that looks appropriate. One thing a tall girl should try NOT to do at all costs is look like she is waiting for a flood. A cuff alleviates that situation.

5.      TRY EVERYTHING. Don’t automatically count a garment out before you try it on. It may not look like it will work but you will be surprised at the options that will. You will have some misses, but the makes are worth the trials. Try, try and try again.

6.      SEEK THE MIDI. There are a plethora of dresses and skirts that work for us IN THE STORE. Get acquainted with your best friend, the MIDI. They are made to hit below the knee but on us they hit right above which is the perfect length for a plethora of occasions. I find many of my amazing midi’s at Forever 21, Akira and H&M.

7.      BASIC ATTRACTION. One thing every tall girl should invest in are tall basics. From long camis, to tall bodysuits to long sleeved tees, these pieces are essential in creating the foundation for many looks. You can easily convert an outfit from regular length to tall, using basics for layering. A good tall basic will change the makeup of your wardrobe. My favorite spots for tall basics are Long Tall Sally and Taller Than Your Average. Both have great, well-constructed basic pieces.

8.      LAYER LIKE A MUG. Another nod to #7, use those basic pieces to layer like there is no tomorrow. You can turn a store bought look into a tall fit with a simple basic body suit. Build a tall base and work your way up from there.

9.      BOTTOMS UP. In general, tall clothing is more expensive (stupid but true). It sucks but it’s a fact. Instead of wallowing in it…accept it, move on and make an investment in pants. Buying some key jeans, pants and skirts that are long enough for you will be a little painful to your pockets but in the long run enhance your overall look tenfold. You can fold up your sleeves but you can’t create a leg to a pant that isn’t there. Splurge on the pieces that are necessary for an overall appropriate fit. My top places for haute bottoms are Alloy Apparel, Height Goddess and PZI Jeans for a curvy-tall fit.

Click image for outfit details. Photo Credit: Amanda King.

Click image for outfit details. Photo Credit: Amanda King.

10.  PRINT PERFECT. Listen. We have long, beautiful bodies that are an amazing palate for prints. Don’t shy away from them because you think they will increase the attention that we already get for being tall. Like Harry Winston said, People will stare. Make it worth their while. You better wear those prints girl!

11.  GET HIGH. With our long legs and torsos, a high-waisted option works wonderfully. It cinches our waist, elongates those beautiful stems and gives an overall amazing tall, classic silhouette. ASOS Tall and Alloy Apparel both have high-waisted, long inseam options that look wonderful on us.

12.  DIY IT. When all else fails, make it yourself. Befriend a seamstress and make exactly what you need. I am a firm believer that every tall woman should have at least one black pantsuit made specifically for her. Got sewing skills? Jump on that machine and create. Nobody knows what you need better than yourself. Make a one of a kind piece that we will all be jealous of. MiMi Goodwin has amazing tutorials on her site MiMiGStyle.com that will help you create your tall pieces.

13.  SAY NO TO DRYERS. Clothes shrink. Don’t create a sad style day by throwing your clothes in the dryer. Always air dry your tall clothing. Not only will the fit say tight, the look will stay right. Air drying increases the life of your clothing too.

14.  ROCK OUTSIDE THE BOX. Never, EVER let anyone or anything put your style in a box. When you give your style parameters, you give yourself borders too. No matter what advice you get, know that your style voice is the best and strongest. Wear what you feel best in. There is nothing you could put on that will look better than confidence.

15.  WEAR HEELS. Do not, I repeat DO NOT shy away from heels because you are already “too tall.” First, there is no such thing as too tall. Second, tall women rock heels the best. We really do! They make our long legs look freakin amazing and are an exclamation point to our tall style. If you like a shoe, rock it no matter what the height of the heel and don’t let anyone tell you different. Give 2 snaps, a side eye and strut away in those heels mama.

16.  REMEMBER THIS. We have the privilege and pleasure in looking good in almost everything. There is always something that we don’t particularly fancy on ourselves (which a personal preference and is absolutely fine) but by and large we can wear more than most people can. Why do you think they pick tall models to display clothing on the runway? Why do you think models in general are tall? It’s no coincidence. 

17.  DO YOUR HOMEWORK. There are many tall retailers out there that have exactly what you need. Know them, join their email lists and shop the sales. Tall steals and deals are everywhere. It takes some work but your closet and bank account will thank you. Here are some tall spots for clothes and shoes to get you started (in no particular order):

Long Tall Sally: This is the premiere retailer for tall. They have great tall basics and style options for every tall woman. Inseams up to 38”. Shoes up to size 15 (yes, you read that right).

Alloy Apparel Tall Shop: Great tall clothes at even better prices. I love the 37” jumpsuits, skinny jeans and long length maxi skirts. They also have shoe options up to size 13.

Taller Than Your Average: This is an up and coming tall line that is just beautiful. Love the clean lines, classic cuts and forward thinking pieces. They also have a capsule collection with Long Tall Sally that is to die for.

Sole Society: This retailer has so many amazing styles in sizes up to 12. I want every single pair.

ASOS Tall: Hits all of the tall trends with many forward thinking tall pieces. I absolutely love everything about the tall brand.

NEXT: My spot for tall coats. I love all of them. They have an amazing selection of tall clothes too but the tall coats are my jam.

Sumissura: Made to order custom clothing. Need I say more?

Payless Shoes: Do not sleep on Payless. They have affordable, on-trend styles up to size 13. You can ship for free directly to the store and they have lines from your favorite designers like Christian Siriano. If you need a face for your shoe line, call me boo.

GAP Family: All of the retailers under the GAP umbrella offer tall styles. I check GAP, Old Navy (especially for tall sweaters), Banana Republic and Athleta often. Even PiperLime has some styles of shoes up to size 12 (not many, but some). 

The Limited Tall: The Limited just re-launched their tall line and the pieces are fab. I particularly love their skater skirts because they are just the right short-tall length. 

Height Goddess: THE place to go for long maxi dresses (up to 40” length) and a line of cute tall tees. They also have colored skinnies with up to 40” inseams.

Smash Shoes: This is a brand new shoe line in sizes 10-13. I love the quality, price point and haute look of the shoe line. It’s one to watch. I see only great things coming from them.

Poppy Barley: My go-to for custom boots and flats in sizes up to size 12. Investment pieces that will be staples in your wardrobe season after season. They also just added custom footwear for men as well.

Shoes of Prey: Design your own shoes up to size 15. So many amazing options and for a custom shoe, the prices aren’t too shabby!

Talltique: There have a selection of tall styles that you can buy online or in-store. Talltique is also creating it's own line of hard to find tall pieces.

Nordstrom and Nordstrom RACK: You can shop online or walk into the store on any given day and find shoe selections up to size 13. The RACK will have better price points and often have large size shoes sales (not fond of the name but I will take the sale).

Saving Alicia Jay

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Alloy tall style white dress Alicia Jay 2.jpg

On January 3rd I wrote:

In the past month I have had an urge to share more. I feel like God wants me to expand this blog to talking more about our tall lives than just style. What may seem like a small shift of a couple of paragraphs, is going to do great things inside my life and I pray in those that read them. A resolution that I have is to stretch and become more vulnerable and I refuse to let my fear overcome what I know God wants me to do.

Well, my fear got me yall. It’s January 26th and I have been avoiding this blog like the plague. I have no idea why because what I am about to share is one of the things I am most proud of in my life.

Yes, it may have cost me some so-called friends, it may have caused me immense frustration and it may have been the reason for many of my breakups but it is something that I have known from a young age was meant for one person and one person only.


My virginity.

I am a 6’6”, black and white, super single, 34 year old virgin.

No, I am not going to preach to you about how virginity is the only way to go. It’s a personal choice that I made for me and I am just here to tell my story. If you draw anything from it, great! If not, no problemo.

My story of virginity is definitely not the typical media version that you see. Its real, filled with emotion, hormones, close calls and pure love and devotion for someone I haven’t even met yet. This story is what virginity is really like in 2015. And guess what, I am going to write a book all about it.

Now, I have no idea when this book will be finished but I do know that I would like to share the journey with you. It’s something I need to get out on paper and share because look, I am not going to be single forever! God will send me my husband and I need to tell the story of being a virgin while I still am one.

Don’t worry, I will still be posting personal style shots, talking tall fashion and dishing about our tall, fabulous lives but my journey to publishing my first book on real virginity will be intertwined in the thread. Saving myself for marriage is one of the things that makes me stand tall every day and I can’t wait to share my story with each and every one of you.

Ok…let me post this before I lose my nerve. It’s hard to get personal but God told me to and you sure can’t say no to Him!