Cape - H&M/Long Sleeve Body - Taller Than Your Average/Leggings - Method Boutique (38" inseam)/Boots - Report via Nordstrom/Cuff - Forever 21/Bag - Thrifted

Photo credit: YBowyer Photography

I love a great cape.  Who doesn't?  They make you look amazing and more importantly they make you feel like you are wearing a blanket.  It's like a built-in, cuddle buddy. Style snuggle at it's finest.

The foundation of this fit is a long torso, super long sleeved body suit from Taller Than Your Average.  It's very refreshing to have a body suit that doesn't give you an instant wedgie, camel toe combo.

The leggings are extremely long (38" inseam) and feel like second skin.  They also have a wider panel at the waist so they don't create an unflattering line like some of the other leggings I own.

Now...for the boots.  I know...where did I find them??? I wish I had a direct link for you but I bought these at Nordstrom 2 seasons ago (tall girl hides her eyes).  I have been looking high and low for over the knee boot options.  Trust me.  A post will be coming soon!

How do you get your superwoman on? Send your tall cape looks to TallSWAG.com so I can share them with us on Instagram:)


Change the Tall Game 

In my last post I talked about making options that aren't necessarily made for us, work for us.  It's a great option but nothing beats walking in to a store and coming out with a garment that is made specifically for you.


When was the last time that happened for you?

Maybe once...maybe never?

Now there is a chance to change all of that! Height Goddess has an amazing opportunity to be carried in a major retailer across the nation and they need your help to make it happen.

Check out the video below and click HERE to support. 

Think about how this will change your shopping experience and the shopping experience of your tall daughter, sister, mother, aunt, friend and tall women everywhere!


CONTEST: Shop with H&M and TallSWAG 

Are there a lot of options for us off the rack? No. It's greatly increased but the fact is that there is still a small window of opportunity for us to walk into a store and walk out with a fit.  However we all have that favorite line that allows us some options that we can directly buy from the store.

One of the main lines for me is H&M.  Almost every time I walk into the store, I find something that is not necessarily tall BUT fits fabulously.  From the skirts, to the dresses to the tops, not all of the garments fit but there are many options that do. In fact, if you thumb through my closet and accessories right now, you will find a plethora of H&M pieces for every season.

If you haven't seen the autumn line...you have to check it out!  I am lightweight in love.

The H&M Autumn Line is in store right now. Don't be afraid to walk in the store and try on some pieces. I think you will be surprised at what amazing fashion you will find!Specifically, here are some fabulous options and why they work for us:

The length of this is fabulous and will elongate and accentuate our tall frames. The faux fur collar is an added bonus.

This shirt is super long and is perfect to wear with leggings or skinny jeans. Are the arms going to be long enough? Probably not. But you can easily roll these up, layer with a long sleeved top underneath or even just leave the cuffs unbuttoned with a small scrunch of the sleeve. You can layer this dress with so many things! It's a great foundational piece and calf length so it will fit very comfortably right above the knee.This jacket will go with everything this season. Check out the bottom of the sleeves. This is great for us because the lack of buttons make them easy to roll and the structure of this sleeve in particular makes it easy to scrunch.

This is a calf length skirt. It will fit like a knee length skirt on us which is perfect for the office or dressed down for a casual day out. I love the denim detail.

I have the pleasure of attending the opening of their new store in Solano this Thursday!  I can't wait to get a first look at brand spankin new store and guess what...I want you to come with me!  We will...

1. Shop the new store together before anyone else...

2. I will style a look for you that you will get to walk out of the store with (top, bottom and accessory)...

3. You will get a $100 H&M gift card!

How do you enter?  It's simple.  Share you favorite H&M option from the Autumn line on twitter and make sure to include @hmusa and @TallSWAGThe deadline for entering is 8:00 p.m. EST on Wednesday, November 6th. I will pick the winner at random and send you all the deets! 

Here is a little reminder of the location and time:) You must be able to attend to win.

Grand Opening of the H&M Solano location at 10:30 a.m. - Solano Town Center: 1350 Travis Blvd, Fairfield, CA 94533

I can't wait to shop with you and H&M Solano!


Tall Faux

Faux leather skinny in 37" inseam - Alloy (similar ones HERE)/Chain Muscle Tee in White - Beyond/Sneak Wedge - Payless (size 12)/Red Beanie and rings - H&M/Bracelets - Charlotte Russe/Side Bag (aka fanny pack) - Vintage by the Pound

Photo credit: YBowyer Photography

My favorite for fall is definitely faux. I love all of the faux leather touches and pieces of the season.  From a collar on a dress shirt to a shift dress, it's everywhere and I am ready to wear it.

When I saw these faux 37" skinnies from Alloy, I couldn't click ADD TO BAG fast enough. They can be dressed up or down, are super soft and easy to put on and most importantly long enough (can I get an amen).

I paired it with my new found friend...the beanie.  It's perfect for those days when the hair won't cooperate or you just plain don't want to do it.  I also had to buy it because it was red and I am a firm believer that a red accessory makes any outfit pop.

The shirt is great because 1) It was a gift from my bestie Holley 2) It is extra long in the torso and hits me right at the waist and 3) It's hot.

Last but certainly not least, the infamous fanny pack (or side bag if you are feeling sophisticated which I rarely am). Who doesn't love a bag that you don't have to carry? Picked it up for a $1.50 and it comes in mighty handy.

The shoes! The shoes! We all know it's hard to find wedge sneakers that fit especially at a great price.  When I found these at Payless it was a no-brainer.

So...what are you wearing your faux with?


Cream B

Cream Blazer - Forever 21/Tall chambray shirt - GAP (similar one HERE)/Pleated skirt - Target/ID bracelet - Charlotte Russe/Icon pointy pump - Christian Siriano for Payless (shown in size 12 and comes in sizes up to 13)/Sunglasses - Old Navy/Crossbody clutch - thrifted/Necklace - thrifted

Photo credit: YBowyer Photography

I don't know about you but in The Bay the weather is confused right now.  In a way, I think it's having a spring-fall identity crisis.  For example the high today is 73 degrees.  Excuse me weather but it's October and I want to wear all of my fabulous fall clothes.

With that said, I am still in transition mode.  Because of the cold mornings and warm afternoons, I am  having to wear a lot of layers.  I am also trying to infuse a little fall while at the same time acknowledging the spring-like weather. 

My remedy? A cream blazer to spring it up and some fall hints to bring it all together. 

I absolutely love this pleated skirt from target.  I got it from the clearance rack last season.  It also has a fab faux leather detail at the waist that is perfect for this season.  For fall and winter I am going to pair it with a camel turtleneck, tights and boots.

The tall cambray shirt from Gap is the perfect piece for any season. You can roll up the sleeves or wear them down (yes, they are long enough for us), layer it or wear it on it's own.  It's a must have staple for our closets.

One of my favorite pieces to rock is a 3/4 sleeve blazer and this cream baby is perfect for transitional outfits.  Crispy, clean and effortless.

The shoes, THE SHOES! You know I love a good Payless pick-up and I almost passed out at my computer when I saw these (yes, I know I am dramatic).  Color blocking, animal print, up to size 13...need I say more?  You get tall girl points Christian!  Let me know if you want me to test some shoes for you (or ya know, just rock every pair that you make).  I am totally down.

What fits are you feeling this October?