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Stand Tall Week 

April 16-22 is going to be one amazing week!  Introducing (drum roll please)...STAND TALL WEEK presented by Long Tall Sally!

It's a week long celebration of everything tall.  Tall fashion, tall beauty and tall empowerment.  What could be better? 

Here's the skinny on STW:

Stand Tall Week was created by Long Tall Sally to show every tall woman that their height is to be celebrated and embraced. The week is filled with everything tall including tall model scouting, a week long pop-up shop and fashion presentation and appearances by tall expert Arianne Cohen. Side note: I LOVE the logo with the heel in it. Rock those heels tall beauties!

We all know how I love a Long Tall Sally pop-up shop and this one is open for an entire week! Unfortuantely my jet is in the shop right now (hehe:) or I would fly out and shop everyday! Click for store details and check out the TallSWAG video below to see what you can expect at an LTS pop-up.

Meet tall expert Arianne Cohen. She is 6'3", a tall expert and is the author of The Tall Book (She's also from Portland, OR which also happens to be my hometown! PO! Woop Woop!). Click the pic for more on Ms. Cohen and her rold in STW.Long Tall Sally has amazing clothes. Instead of extending them and calling them 'tall' they actually create them for tall women. That's right ladies, they make cllothes JUST for us! Click to see what one of their garments looks like on in the TallSWAG review on their amazing shirt dress.

I know that the Long Tall Sally Stand Tall Week is going to change the lives of tall women.  I encourage everyone to take part in some way, shape or form.  We need more events like this to spread the message, to every tall girl and woman on this earth, that tall is beautiful!

Let's keep this going.  How are you going to spread the message?


Tall Girls: A Story of Giants...?

I just watched the trailer for Tall Girls: A Story of Giants.

I still have tears in my eyes.

The trailer for this movie is both sickening and disheartening.  The fact that there are women out there getting surgeries to stop their growth is disgusting… 

The fact that the modeling industry is so cookie-cutter that a 6’2” model would have to lie on their resume and say they are 6’ to get jobs, is pathetic…

The fact that a doctor would react to a height of 190cm (roughly 6’3”) with "obviously that’s a body size that a girl can’t be happy with", is just plain repulsive.

While I am excited that there is a movie about tall women, I really hope that the trailer does not reflect the entire message.  I am praying that the film isn’t entirely negative because TALL IS BEAUTIFUL!  I hope they include some proud tall ladies in the movie so that it’s not another method of reinforcing the false notion that women are (and as the title of the film puts it) giants if their height supersedes the ‘norm’ (by the way, if I ever find norm I am going to crush it, burn it and flush the ashes down the toilet).

This film is EXACTLY why I created TallSWAG and T SWAG.  We need to shout TALL IS BEAUTIFUL from the rooftops and stop this way of thinking so a negative trailer like this can’t even be created.

Tall is Beautiful. NEVER let anyone tell you different!

SOUND OFF! What do you think of the movie Tall Girls: A Story of Giants?



Blue Beauty

I have two words for you: SHIRT DRESS.  Yes, there is one that is long enough for us and it happens to come in a beautiful royal blue color. 

It's the Long Tall Sally Long Line Shirt Dress and I am obsessed!  You are not seeing things.  It's true and I have the review to prove it.  Check it out!

LONG LINE SHIRT DRESS from $85. Sizes 6-18.Don't forget to buy accessories!  Long Tall Sally has those too.  Check out the bangles I'm wearing in the video HERE. They go perfectly with the dress. Just enough blue to compliment it but not enough to be matchy, matchy.

8 PACK BANGLES IN SILVER/TURQUOISE. $25. Also comes in the GOLD/IVORY option below.


TODAY: Tall Remix

I am an avid watcher of the Today Show. I love their fashion segments. They are short, sweet and pack a fashion punch of information. Although I have yet to see a tall segment on the show (please note: I will come on at ANY time to show the world some TallSWAG:), they give great information for trends, deals and steals.

Here is a recent segment on spring shoe trends with Ann Curry and tall beauty Hoda Kotb:

Now that you have all the info, check out these tall options below:


1. CORSO COMO FESTIVE at $69. Sizes 11-14. Shown in nude crinkled patent and pink butterskin.  Also comes in 5 other colors.

2. CHRISTIAN SIRIANO MICHELLE BALLET FLAT at $34.99. Sizes 5-13. Shown in pink. Also comes in brown/copper.

3. MOSSIMO VILDA SMOKER FLAT at $19.99. Sizes 5.5-12. Shown in Turquoise.  Also comes in pink and brown.

4. BLOWFISH SANGO FLAT at $49. Sizes 12-14. Shown in white monet.  Also comes in natural.

5. NINE WEST TAKER at $62.99. Sizes 5-12. Shown in pink combination.  Also comes in 7 other colors.

6. OPENSESAME LOAFER at $69. Sizes 5-12. Shown in turquoise multi synthetic.  Also comes in red mutli synthetic.


7. UGG LUCIANNA at $150. Sizes 5-12. HURRY! Only 3 left.  Shown in Santorini Ikat.  Also comes in 4 other colors.

8. B.F.T Mallorca at $69. Sizes 11-15. Shown in navy stripe.  Also comes in 2 other colors.

9. NATURALIZER BASHFUL at $68.95. Sizes 4-12. Shown in bright coral.  Also comes in 3 other colors.

10. ESPADRILLE WEDGE at $79. Sizes 11-13.

11. FRANCO SARTO WHIP at $59. Sizes 10-13. Shown in natural.  Also comes in 2 other colors.

12. B.F.T. IRELAND at $59. Sizes 11-14. Shown in camel.  Also comes in black. Order one size down.


13. SAM EDELMAN KATIE at $149.95. Sizes 5-12.

14. CHRISTIAN SIRIANO ROSA at $54.99. Sizes 7-12. Shown in scarlet.

15. VINCE CAMUTO CARIO at $117.95. Sizes 4-12.

16. NINE WEST CMON at $89. Sizes 6-12. Shown in grey/silver.  Also comes in 2 other colors.

17. RANDI at $219.99. Sizes 6-12.5.