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Today I bring you 3 items that are incredibly hard for us to find; a maxi cardigan that is actually a maxi, over-the-knee boots that are actually cover the knee and a bodysuit that you can stand up straight in without giving yourself the dreaded wedgie in both the front and back.

Kye Black Maxi Cardigan in TALL - DIMILOC/Kyla over-the-knee boots - SMASH SHOES/Neck Piece - CANDID ART/Bodysuit - ASOS Tall (similar here)/Faux Leather Mini - H&M

Makeup and Photography by Nikki Notarte

Let's start with this miraculous garm from Dimiloc. Like all of the pieces on the Dimloc site, it's custom made and as you can see the height is right. I love the detailed braided boarder and the sleeves are so long, that a tall girl shed a baby tear of thankfulness. I look forward to using this as a swimsuit cover up during the summer as well. The drama dahling...the drama!

Let me introduce you to my new bambinos. These boots are not only comfortable but truly go over our knees. They are from Smash Shoes, also come in a beautiful grey and in sizes 11-14. You read that right and it's perfectly OK to let out a little scream of joy.

Now...let's talk about bodysuits. I LOVE a great bodysuit. A shirt that you never have to tuck in? Yes please. But you know retailers don't make bodysuits in the masses for us but guess who does...ASOS! They have haute, tall bodysuits for every occasion and I for one will take one of each.

And this my friends is what happens when you find pieces that fit...smiles everywhere! Ironically, this is all you really need. Yes, I love this outfit but your smile surpasses anything you could ever put on. You alone are enough. You alone are beautiful. You alone are amazing. Whatever you put on is just icing on the cake!

She is clothed in strength and dignity and can laugh at the days to come. Proverbs 31:25.


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Chile…it’s spring! But the weather is going bananas. It doesn’t know what it wants to do. Make up your mind already!

I am really looking forward to warmth and the feel of the sun on my face but right now spring still has some winter tendencies. Thus, I split the difference with this outfit.

I threw in a little sweater action with some shorter sleeves. It’s warm for the morning chill but still works if the weather decides that it wants to change. The tall skinnies (crazy good right!?) also cover most of the leg but have the rip at the knee that provides a little air conditioning (ok…I know I’m stretching it a little here:).

Alicia Jay Blog ASOS tall ripped skinny jeans smash shoes Joyce Forest Green Natural Hair Tall Team Girls spring fro cropped sweater H&M suede 7.JPG

The piece de resistance are these boots! I am in LOVE. Now…I am trying to buy less things (which we will talk about in another post) but when I saw these, I decided to treat myself. When you find a green boot in our size, you add them to the collection hunni! They are just the right color green, a soft suede and a bootie that doesn’t cut the leg but rather elongates it. You can wear these with pretty much everything, in every season! Did I mention that they come in sizes 11-14 and in a blush option? And all the tall girls did the happy dance!

Overall, this outfit really reflects where my personal style is morphing into...simplistic. Simplicity is key for me right now. I'm tired over overthinking. I want a wardrobe of pieces that are fiercely simple. This look definitely holds that title.

One thing about style is that it is ever evolving. You have the freedom and ability to change it not only for a season, but for a lifetime. Do what you do when you want to. Style is yours. Own it! 


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This guy right here is Luke Wiatt Gilbert. We worked at the Warriors together and as you can see, he definitely lives life to the fullest. I have always admired him for his ability to shed fear and go after his dreams full force.

His latest endeavor is a great one! He launched his Vicariously podcast yesterday! It's a series where Luke interviews unique entrepreneurs that are successfully pursuing their passions. I can't stop listening to them!

I was honored to be one of the people that he picked to be a guest. We talked about height, virginity, leaving your corporate job for your dreams, equality, working in sports and just about everything else. I hope you enjoy it, as much as I enjoyed recording it. 

Click on the picture above or link below for the full cast and click HERE to subscribe to VICARIOUSLY!

My Perfect Locks

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Photo Credit: Lakeela Smith

Photo Credit: Lakeela Smith

I am 210% happy to announce that I am finally comfortable with my natural hair.

Whew! It took awhile and it was a long road but I can truly tell you that I love it.

My natural hair has been something that I fought my entire life and used to only reveal it to my stylist. I would get my weave taken down and put right back up at every visit. My natural hair was fully concealed and tracks became a vital part of my look. I came to a point where I refused to deviate from the long tresses and even went as far to feel like the sewn in locks were actually better than what God gave me.

In many ways, rockin my natural hair was the final step to true self acceptance. Listen, I'm going to have my insecure moments just like EVERYONE else but they will only be moments because I now know, in every way, that I was built specifically and wonderfully and that I am made specifically to achieve things that only I was built to achieve. My hair is not a hindrance. It is part of a package that makes me complete.

My hair is also versatile. Now that it's out for the world to see, I have been playing around with styles that are not only fun, but also protective. Remember when I rocked these box braids?

Photo Credit: Lakeela Smith

Photo Credit: Lakeela Smith

Well, these bad boys will be coming back soon because Natural Hair does require a lot of maintenance and sometimes I need a little breaky break. I mean, months of really doing nothing to your hair is amazing and mine usually grows faster while it's being protected...it's a win-win situation!

I also started playing around with something else...wigs!

Let me tell you...

Where have you been all my life?

If I had known about wigs, I personally may have never worn a weave because you can switch up your look very easily and you can care for your natural hair far easier when the hair isn't permanently sewn in. You literally braid your hair, put a wig cap on, throw on the wig and blend your hairline. Now, this was my first time ever wearing one, so the technique still needs a little work but you can literally change your look up in minutes.

This Human Hair wig from Perfect Locks gives me a straight look without putting heat on my natural hair that could mess up my curl pattern. It protects my natural hair and is great for those lazy days where I simply don't want to put in work on these curls.

I am a big fan of this protective style and the most important part is...this wig compliments me, not completes me. I wear it,, and any other hairstyle, because I want to and not because I need to. I am truly NOT my hair but it sure is fun to play around with it!

Sweat it Out

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Spacedye Zip Detail Sweatshirt and Pants - Long Tall Sally/Bomber Jacket (Men's) - Forever 21/Shoes (shown in size 12) - Nordstrom Rack Photo Credit: LaKeela Smith

Spacedye Zip Detail Sweatshirt and Pants - Long Tall Sally/Bomber Jacket (Men's) - Forever 21/Shoes (shown in size 12) - Nordstrom Rack

Photo Credit: LaKeela Smith

The weather in The Bay has been frightful lately (and by frightful I'm being a bit dramatic because it's just been raining, but still). With the gloomy weather comes an overwhelming need to wear comfortable clothing and with that said, I could not be happier with this tall sweat set from Long Tall Sally!

It's definitely long enough, love the colors used in the fabric and it's my favorite word: CHIC. I paired them with some heels because why not? Takes the sporty up a notch and you still feel like you are in PJ's.

So the bad news is, there is a very limited quantity of both pieces on the LTS site BUT the good news is; 1) You probably have some comfy pieces in your closet that you can remix for a new fit and 2) Long Tall Sally has a vast selection of other pieces that will do the trick.

Life Update: I have been on a Daniel and TV fast for 10 days now and have 11 to go. This time the fast definitely threw me for a loop at first but my body has adjusted and we are all good. The best part has been the amazing time I am spending with God. I think adding the television fast has really removed the distraction that fasting calls for. I am so thankful for this time and will show you how I plan to keep the fast principals going past the actual fast, in a later post.

Thanks for reading lovely...have a great weekend!

New Jack City

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So...I have been living in this coat! I swear to you, I can't remember the last day that I went without it. It's chic and really, you feel like you are wearing a blanket. I'm truly obsessed with it. Especially because this weather has been so crazy. You never really know what you are going to get!

I really love the length...it's a true longline on us! Another thing that I love is the sporty vibe. Yea, It's on trend but it's not too much sport. You can wear this coat with something casual or dressy. It's incredibly versatile and for me, hands down the coat of the season and seasons to come!

I paired it with my current fav legging at the moment from Tall Girls UK. Like the coat, they go with everything and admittedly I have been wearing them too often! I finished the look with some chic boots (similar here) and a remix on a turtleneck from Long Tall Sally (the neck is going crazy in these photos but I like the wide neck of the top ion real life lol).

Life note: I began another Daniel Fast (and also added television)! For 21 days I will be fasting, praying and reading my Bible. While I normally pray and read, while you fast it uncovers things that just amaze me! Things blossom in my life and I just love spending time with God. I will keep you updated on my fast journey on my Instagram story so join if you are interested...HERE is my last Daniel Fast experience:)

Thanks for reading...have a fabulous day beautiful!