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I think there is a misconception among us that we can't wear vintage or thrift...this is SO FAR from the truth!

As a matter of fact, a lot of retro clothing is cut longer and really adorns our tall bodies quite nicely. Don't be afraid of it my darling. Just try it! If it doesn't fit, oh well. If it does...WINNING!

Take this velvet dress from Retro.Honey. It's not necessarily a tall dress but definitely fits my 6'6" frame. It's perfect for the holidays, is striking and doesn't need a lot of accessories because with it's beautiful, green velvet...it pops in it's own.

I paired this dress with my favorite suede heels of the season from Long Tall Sally. These Emilia's go with just about everything and I love the suede texture with the velvet.

So...step outside of your comfort zone and find a retro or thrifted gem (did I mention the clutch was thrifted:). You will show up to that holiday knowing that nobody will have the same dress as you and your bank account will be happy. Sounds like a win-win situation to me;)

Happy Holiday's beautiful! Slay those holiday parties and remember...HE is the reason for the season!.

Holiday Heights

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A La Mode Skirt - Model Atelier/Tall Black Lace Bodysuit - New Look/IBENA (shown in size 12) - Eleanor Anukam/Clutch - Thrifted/Earrings - Target

Photo Credit: Lakeela Smith

I don't know about you but I love a dramatic moment. In fact, I believe that all tall women deserve dramatic moments in style and Model Atelier is certainly here to make that happen.

Their A La Mode Skirt is divine. I have to admit, when I first received it I thought it was way too long but guess what? It's supposed to be! This skirt brings the heat and the drama with it's extra length that arrives far after you hit the room. It's the perfect exclamation point to a show stopping entrance.

The red color is perfect for the holidays and I paired it with a classic, yet uber sexy tall lace bodysuit that is right on trend. I added neutral earrings, laser cut pumps and a pearl clutch to seal all that glam together.

In addition to this amazing skirt, Model Atelier has a plethora or great tall, evening wear options that will shut down your upcoming event. They aint ready!

Model Atelier wants to make sure that you hit the holidays in dramatic style and have provided an exclusive 20% off coupon code just for you. Use TALLSWAG in at checkout:-)

I can't wait to see what you rock during the holiday season, so make sure to tag #TallSWAG in your photos. You better SLEIGH!!! Happy Holidays:-)

Cuffing Season

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Just in case you didn't know...it's cuffing season (insert your favorite love emoji here). And currently I am cuffed all the way up with something warm, soft and just my type. Introducing my boo...

The CURATD x LTS Heavy Turtle Neck Knit (swoon)

I be cuddled up in this thang all day long. It's seriously an amazing sweater from an amazing collection. Listen...tell me the last sweater you had with pockets!?! My mind is completely blown. You KNOW how I feel about pockets. It was clearly meant to be.

I paired it with the CURATD X LTS 7/8 Raw Frayed Jeans that go with everything and have just the right amount of stretch. They hit right at the ankle and although you can't see it in these photos, the frayed hem is sublime.

Last but certainly not least are the LTS Lexie Over The Knee Boots that are...wait for it...actually over the knee!!! Go ahead. You can squeal. I do every time I put them on.

I love this look but trust me...stay tuned...because part 2 of the CURATD collection is coming soon and I can't wait to show it to you!

Until then mon cheri...

All The Way Up

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Queen...can we talk?

Yes. I am talking to you. 

I hope that you know and fully understand that you weren't created to be average. Nothing about you is average. In fact, you were crafted and carved out in a specific way to accomplish great things in your life. Every single aspect of your being was selected on purpose and for a purpose. 

As you walk through this thing called life, there will be people and messages that will attempt everything in their power to make you feel inadequate. 

Do not let that in. You choose what to let in and what to let out.

More often than not, some of the most damning messages that you have to combat at the ones from yourself. 

Yep. You. 

We must not only be a gatekeeper to outside  lies but also the ones we tell ourselves on a daily basis. 

It's not going to be easy nor will you be successful 100% of the time. I personally battle with this negative self-talk regularly. However it is something that you must be vigilant about because if you are attacking yourself, you are most definitely weak and ready for the world to finish the job.

It all starts and ends with you.

Now that we have fully embraced the fact that we are responsible for our part of the story, please remember that you are extraordinary, can do all things and have all the tools to be exactly who you were created to be. Walk above the standard expectations that this world pushes and settles for. Work daily to prevail over the fear induced limits that we often set for ourselves and soar in the space that you deserve.

God has made us what we are. In Christ Jesus, God made us new people so that we would spend our lives doing the good things he creates us to do. Ephesians 2:10

Celebrate the Luxury of YOU

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Tell me when was the last time you tried on a garment or pair of shoes that had the trifecta of luxury: custom fit, quality and great design?

I know. That's a tough one. Especially for us.

Fit is probably the hardest of the three however I've partnered with @PoppyBarley & @MARGEClothing to champion a message to tall women everywhere: Celebrate the luxury of you with clothing and footwear exclusively designed to your unique frame and lifestyle.

Poppy Barley is a premier designer of ethically handcrafted leather footwear in custom foot widths, calf widths and boot heights ranging in sizes 5 to 12. MARGE is a premier upscale womenswear brand designing luxurious collections and custom pieces for the tall, confident, modern woman.

Want a chance to win a little bit of this luxury? Enter to win a luxury wardrobe of your choice from Poppy Barley (valued at $500) and MARGE Clothing (valued at $1000) when you sign up to the #PoppyBarleyxMARGE mailing list (link in profile), plus, automatically claim your exclusive discount code just for entering. Indulge in beautifully curated, thoughtfully constructed clothing and footwear essentials. 

If I could enter, I most certainly would...there is nothing like a custom made piece and both Both MARGE and Poppy Barley craft key pieces that are custom made for Tall women. Both companies hold themselves to the highest standards of construction and ensure that their products are special for every customer. They value the process and the final product and that makes their shoes and clothes valuable to me in more ways than one.  

Now there are some little rules to go with this amazing contest, so make sure you check them out and enter away. Also, stay tuned to the other lovely tall bloggers included in this giveaway and see how they styled Poppy Barely and MARGE! @CarolineGault, @GinnysCloset and @PrettyTallStyle 

I wish you the best of luck! You deserve luxurious moments like these;) Celebrate the luxury of you with Poppy Barley & MARGE!

*This opportunity ends Nov. 28th, 2016, and is open to Canadian and US residents only. By entering the contest, you agree to become a subscriber to PoppyBarley.com and MARGEClothing.com. If you are already a subscriber, you can still enter the contest. The prize is valued at $500 from Poppy Barley Inc. and $1000 from MARGE Clothing. Your orders will be placed and discounts applied in-house by Poppy Barley Inc. and MARGE Clothing after the contest closes. The winner will be selected at random and contacted via email the week of Nov. 28th, 2016.

The Height of Confidence

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I just had the blessing of walking to a store and picking up a San Francisco Chronicle newspaper with a feature about Tall Women in it!  

Do you know how huge that is! 

We have an entire, very prominent feature in one of the top newspaper publications out there! Our beautiful gift is there for everyone to see and appreciate. Our confidence is on display in a major way and I for one look at it is as a WIN for Tall Girls everywhere!

As you know, it took me a long time to recognize how truly amazing our gift of Height is, and completely believe that a large part of my purpose is to show women everywhere that their gifts are beautiful and selected just for them! What an honor to be able to live that out in articles like this one.

I am in some amazing company too! The article focuses on many stories that should be read and shared. I can't wait for you to check it out! In particular with your Tall daughters. They need images and stories like this. I know that I did and I pray that every Tall Girl and Tall Woman receives what they need to stand tall. 

A HUGE thank you to The San Francisco Chronicle, editor Laura Compton, writer Ruthe Stein, make-up artist Nikki Notarte, photographer Russell Yip, stylist Mary Gonsalves Kinney, styling assistant Elise Filter Von Arx and last but certainly not least, Tall Retailer MARGE Clothing for putting the whole idea in to motion and providing some of the beautiful garments for the shoot. [Check-in to my social pages for more about the shoot, including a behind the  scenes video]

I just love you guys and will continue to do everything I can to show the world that Tall is Beautiful...stand Tall every day, in every way!