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Tall Jumper - ASOS Tall/Pumps - Christian Siriano for Payless (size 12)/Bracelet and cuff - Forever 21/Clutch - Vintage

Photo credit: Nikki Notarte

I have expressed this many times but I have to say it again...I LOVE THE ASOS TALL LINE! It is forward thinking and cut beautifully for us. They have some AH-MAZ-ING fall pieces coming in. Definitely check them out.

Now, this outfit is cute and everything but I feel like I need to take this in another direction today...

There are many myths that people will try to get you to believe about your height and this picture debunks three of them... 1) Tall Girls shouldn't wear heels, 2) Tall Girls shouldn't wear print and 3) Women with exceptional size feet shouldn't wear white shoes. In fact, I have been told all three. ALL are ignorant statements and ALL are lies that they want you to believe to stop you from being the fabulous, amazing, knock-down gorgeous woman that you are. 

What you must understand is that the people who make these types of rules are the same ones who are afraid to live outside them. Don't be that person. Be unapologetically Y-O-U.  Rock those heels, put those white shoes on your size 12 feet, wear the loudest print possible from the top of your pretty head to your baby toe...I don't care what it looks like to anyone else, be the YOU that YOU want to be.

Guess who needed this tonight? Her first name starts with Alicia and her last names begins with a Jay. We all need a reminder sometimes and I am no different.

#BeYOU my tall, beautiful friend!!!


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Hey now!

OK...so I can admit it. My LINKS page is terrible right now. I simply have not had the time to update it. But I want you to have amazing access to the best Tall links so I am going to start posting Top 5's in all areas of Tall. From shoes, to pants and maybe even men (#eyecandy)...I will be posting about the best of the best.

With that said, what better place to start than SHOES. They will change your life won't they! I don't care what you have going on...slip on a pair of hot ones and everything goes BOOM.

Without further ado (and in no particular order)...here are my Top 5 brands that sell amazing shoes for us...


Smash Shoes busted on to the Tall shoe scene and has been putting out FIRE ever since. They carry up to size 14, are very well made and the customer service is amazing. What I love about the line is that they are not just the basics. Yes, they have a classic pump (which I want in every color), but they also have styles that standout. Smash Shoes is definitely not the brand that just gives us the bare minimum. They actually create styles that we will covet and can't wait to be seen in. Make sure to check them out. Btw, just in case you are wondering, the over-the-knee boots really do go over the knee...yippppeeee!!!

Want another chic option? Nine West has a great selection of shoes up to a size 12 but you have to act fast because they fly off the shelves.


By far, Long Tall Sally has the best selection in shoes up to size 15. They carry a ton of brands that usually don't have shoes in our sizes and then their in-house brands (BFT and LTS) are constantly putting out shoes that hit major trends. I am loving what I am seeing for this season and kudos to Long Tall Sally for giving women that wear up to size 15 haute shoes to rock!

Looking for a steal on shoes? Check out Payless. They come in sizes up to 13 and the price points are on point (especially when they have BOGO). Quick tip: Always Google coupon codes before ordering for extra savings.


This is the bespoke leader for us as you can custom design shoes (in a plethora of styles) up to size 15 and they even have HALF SIZES. It's a super fun process and for a shoe that fits your foot specifically, the price points don't break the bank. They have also partnered with Nordstrom so that you can actually go into a store and build them onsite at select locations.

They have an amazing contest going on right now where you can win 52 pairs of custom shoes. What!?!? Absolute shoe Heaven. Check out the winner from last year (above) and make sure you enter...I know I am (crossing all my long fingers and toes).

Another bespoke option: Poppy Barley specializes in custom boots (they also have fantastic shoes) in sizes up to 13.


Sugar pie, honey bunch...you know that I love you! I can't help myself...I love you and nobody else...I seriously break out in to song when I step up in this building (you can order online too). Racks on racks on racks on shoes at great prices and a lot of them in our size! You can actually walk in and cop a pair (usually pairs). Some stores even carry up to size 14 and they have large size shoes sales (let's change the name Nordy's) that are worth the wait in line.  Create an account and they will send you all of the info.

Don't see what you need at The Rack? Never fear. Go on Nordstrom.com for more options and they will send them right to you. They have a great selection (at higher price points than The Rack) up to size 14.


Torrid has wide options, in great price points, up to size 13. Now, I have a narrow foot so I have never tried them on BUT I have many friends that have and love them! They have a little bit of everything and are definitely worth a try. I wish they made non-wide shoes because hunni, I would rock them to the hilt!

Want another wide option? Lane Bryant has shoes in sizes up to 12.

Now, there are my 5 (well really 10 but who's counting). I want to know your go-to shoe brand for us. Please leave it in the comments below:-) Share with your Tall sisters!

Clinton Kelly: Dress Your Shape

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Woke up to this amazing feature on ClintonKelly.com: 5 Style Tips for Tall Women. Not only am I dying (Clinton Kelly is my boo...WhatNotToWear was my JAM), I am also extremely honored to be the tall voice in his Dress Your Shape Series.

Please check out the feature, share with a tall friend and tell me what tip is your favorite. Love you guys...stand tall today in every way!

CLICK LINK TO READ NOW: 5 Style Tips for Tall Women

Dusty Rose

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Sleeveless Floral Duster - Amalli Talli/Crop Top - Long Tall Sally/Necklace - Rocks Box/Pleather High-Waisted Mini - H&M/Heels - Nine West/Handbag - Vintage/Bracelet - Forever 21/Hat - Key West Hat Company of New Orleans Photo Credit: Nikki Notarte

Sleeveless Floral Duster - Amalli Talli/Crop Top - Long Tall Sally/Necklace - Rocks Box/Pleather High-Waisted Mini - H&M/Heels - Nine West/Handbag - Vintage/Bracelet - Forever 21/Hat - Key West Hat Company of New Orleans

Photo Credit: Nikki Notarte

Let's talk about the myth that you can't wear leather (or in this case pleather) in the summer. Pish posh. You can 110%. Now, I wouldn't wear it hear to toe (unless you are in to sweating) but an outfit containing leather in some way is completely and perfectly fine.

A prime example is this high-waisted pleather mini that I picked up at H&M. Not too much and thankfully not too little (I know, I was shocked a mini from H&M fit too). I paired it with this amazing floral duster from tall retailer Amalli Talli (love love love) and a neck piece from Rocks Box (straight rented homie).

SIDE NOTE: You have definitely seen this hat and heels on my blog before and guess what...you probably will see them in future posts as well. They are some of my old faithfuls. There is NOTHING wrong with wearing things multiple times. Nothing at all.

So the moral of the story is...break the season rules. Explore what you like and go to town. You are in charge of your style. Do you!

Hair Update: Thank you so much for all of your emails and comments. Your support makes me tear up with joyful tears every day. I am still getting used to it (mainly the time it takes) and not completely sold yet BUT I am super excited because this Thursday I have an appointment with the one and only Curl Doctor Shai Amiel at the Capella Salon in Los Angeles. I want my hair to be the healthiest it can be and he is the one that will get me there. I am looking forward to it. I really think it's going to be a game changer in my curl journey. Can't wait to share all about it!


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I love bringing you new and exciting places to shop for haute, tall fashion and today is no different. THE HEIGHT is an emerging tall brand that has this BLUE VELA MAXI available in 63" and 66" lengths. As you can see it is SUPER long. The maxi hits the floor WITH my 4" Rollies on from one of my favorites Smash Shoes (which now carries sizes up to 14). 

While the material of the dress was a little on the thin side, the cut, versatility and price of the maxi and other options on THE HEIGHT are wonderful! This maxi is only $20 and the most expensive piece on their site is only $45! For the prices alone, it's worth checking out the brand.

As if a maxi that is long enough for only $20 isn't enough...I have an exclusive 10% off code just for you:) Use TALLSWAG at checkout for 10% off your entire THE HEIGHT order. This includes new arrivals and sale items (woop woop)! Be sure to order by Midnight on August 9th because that's when the code bids us adieu.

I hope you enjoy these new sites just as much as I enjoy bringing them you. Let me know what you think about THE HEIGHT and rock those tall maxi dresses lovelies!!