Tall Faux

Faux leather skinny in 37" inseam - Alloy (similar ones HERE)/Chain Muscle Tee in White - Beyond/Sneak Wedge - Payless (size 12)/Red Beanie and rings - H&M/Bracelets - Charlotte Russe/Side Bag (aka fanny pack) - Vintage by the Pound

Photo credit: YBowyer Photography

My favorite for fall is definitely faux. I love all of the faux leather touches and pieces of the season.  From a collar on a dress shirt to a shift dress, it's everywhere and I am ready to wear it.

When I saw these faux 37" skinnies from Alloy, I couldn't click ADD TO BAG fast enough. They can be dressed up or down, are super soft and easy to put on and most importantly long enough (can I get an amen).

I paired it with my new found friend...the beanie.  It's perfect for those days when the hair won't cooperate or you just plain don't want to do it.  I also had to buy it because it was red and I am a firm believer that a red accessory makes any outfit pop.

The shirt is great because 1) It was a gift from my bestie Holley 2) It is extra long in the torso and hits me right at the waist and 3) It's hot.

Last but certainly not least, the infamous fanny pack (or side bag if you are feeling sophisticated which I rarely am). Who doesn't love a bag that you don't have to carry? Picked it up for a $1.50 and it comes in mighty handy.

The shoes! The shoes! We all know it's hard to find wedge sneakers that fit especially at a great price.  When I found these at Payless it was a no-brainer.

So...what are you wearing your faux with?


Cream B

Cream Blazer - Forever 21/Tall chambray shirt - GAP (similar one HERE)/Pleated skirt - Target/ID bracelet - Charlotte Russe/Icon pointy pump - Christian Siriano for Payless (shown in size 12 and comes in sizes up to 13)/Sunglasses - Old Navy/Crossbody clutch - thrifted/Necklace - thrifted

Photo credit: YBowyer Photography

I don't know about you but in The Bay the weather is confused right now.  In a way, I think it's having a spring-fall identity crisis.  For example the high today is 73 degrees.  Excuse me weather but it's October and I want to wear all of my fabulous fall clothes.

With that said, I am still in transition mode.  Because of the cold mornings and warm afternoons, I am  having to wear a lot of layers.  I am also trying to infuse a little fall while at the same time acknowledging the spring-like weather. 

My remedy? A cream blazer to spring it up and some fall hints to bring it all together. 

I absolutely love this pleated skirt from target.  I got it from the clearance rack last season.  It also has a fab faux leather detail at the waist that is perfect for this season.  For fall and winter I am going to pair it with a camel turtleneck, tights and boots.

The tall cambray shirt from Gap is the perfect piece for any season. You can roll up the sleeves or wear them down (yes, they are long enough for us), layer it or wear it on it's own.  It's a must have staple for our closets.

One of my favorite pieces to rock is a 3/4 sleeve blazer and this cream baby is perfect for transitional outfits.  Crispy, clean and effortless.

The shoes, THE SHOES! You know I love a good Payless pick-up and I almost passed out at my computer when I saw these (yes, I know I am dramatic).  Color blocking, animal print, up to size 13...need I say more?  You get tall girl points Christian!  Let me know if you want me to test some shoes for you (or ya know, just rock every pair that you make).  I am totally down.

What fits are you feeling this October?


Boxed Out 

Photo credit: Dreamstime.comPicture it.  I’m walking to lunch with my friend Sabrina and this man comes up to us with that look.  You know the one that people have when they are about to unleash every tall question in the world.

So I try the pre-emptive strike.  Before he can even form his mouth the say a question I say 6’6”.  Usually that will stun them and make them incapable of asking anymore questions but unfortunately this man was too strong for my tactics.

He asks 'why you ain’t playing basketball and dunking on people?' followed by 3 more idiotic questions.

After contemplating on merely asking him 'why you ain’t using correct grammar?' I then said (well it was actually more of a stern yell), 'why aren’t you asking me if I am a lawyer, a doctor or any other of the millions of occupations out there?' He had nothing to say back about that. 

The conversation enraged me.   Not only was his delivery wrong but his way of thinking was just ignorant.  I started thinking about all of the times that people make those assumptions about us and the feeling that I felt during my early years of playing basketball started rushing back to me.

I modeled at an early age but was constantly told that I HAD to play basketball.  As you may have gathered, I am not really big on demands or boxes so I was completely against playing the game.  After years and years of people pressuring me, I gave in.  Did I find that I loved the game?  Yes.  Did I start playing because I wanted to?  No.

Because I started so late, I was constantly playing catch-up.  That combined with the assumption that I had to be good based on my height, resulted in many dark days.  The pressure was insurmountable at times.  When I think about certain instances, I can still feel it (tearing up as we speak).  While I am thankful for my path and learned from every step, that doesn’t negate the fact that I chose basketball because someone else selected it for me.

I say all of that to say this; never pressure anyone to do what you THINK they should do and never put yourself in a box that someone else has created.  Regardless of what people think you should do with your height, YOU CAN DO ALL THINGS (Philippians 4:13). 

God doesn’t create all tall people to do one thing.  He creates us to live out our dreams just like everyone else.  He gives us the tools to accomplish exactly what we are placed on this earth to do.  If it’s basketball that’s great!  But it doesn’t have to be.

Dream, create and live in YOUR purpose.  Walk right by the silly people who are staring at their boxes and create a story that has endless possibilities.


Let Me Be Flea

Cutout Tie-Dye Midi Dress (Shown in size L) - Forever 21/Van Heusen Straw Fedora (size Men's XL, yes I know I have a large head) - JCP/Women's Laced Oxford (shown in size 12) - Payless/Watch - Windsor Store/Clutch - Thrifted/Rings - Forever 21/Corset Cuff -

Photo credit: YBowyer Photography

Before the rain and cold weather rolls in, I do one of my favorite things as much as possible; gallivant through flea markets. 

I love thrifting and a great flea market provides hours of thrift driven fun.  You find unique, often times one of a kind items that don't break the bank.  That's what we call a win-win situation my friends.

Last weekend I went to one of my hot spots; the Almany Flea Market.  It's in San Francisco in Bernal Heights, open every Sunday and I find amazing items every time I go there.

I tried on everything under the sun but at that end of the day I left the flea with two outstanding accessories.  The first is a buttery soft, leather 'corset' cuff for $10.  It's a piece that stands out with whatever you wear and it's a WAY better price point than the one I had my eye on in a department store for $50 bucks.  The second was a simple gold, chain necklace with a detailed clasp that is the focal point of the piece.  I have worn it six different ways since I got it. 

So this weekend, google your local flea, find your local flea and get to thrifting! Let me know how it goes...I love a great flea story:-)


Custom Change

In order to make a change in this world you must act and support others who do.  That's one of the reasons why I am in love with Kickstarter.  In a nutshell, it's a platform for people to share their creative projects and gain support from backers around the world. 

I often support projects on the site but when I came across Black Box Denim's campaign, I immediately pledged.


Because Black Box Denim wants EVERYBODY to have jeans that fit.  Their mission is for every woman to have a detailed, beautiful, great fitting pair of jeans that are made just for them.  What a breath taking sentence.

Check out their video for the BBD mission:

Their goal is $25,000 and they have 27 days to raise the funds.  The minimum pledge is a $1 and there are other pledge amounts that get you a custom pair of Black Box Denim jeans or one of their amazing accessories.

CLICK TO SEE ALL OF THE WAYS YOU CAN SUPPORT BLACK BOX DENIM.If we want the industry to make clothes for all of us, we must support retailers like Black Box Denim.  Change will not occur until we show them that we want it. 

If you can't pledge, no worries, you can support them immensely by sharing this post which is momentarily free yet unbelievably valuable:)

Thank you for your time and support.  Have a fabulous day beautiful!