Spring Up 

Hold on. Stop right where you are. I have a shocking announcement. Spring is less than 3 weeks away!

Now, I know it doesn't feel like it because Mother Nature is straight trippin but it's a fact...spring is almost here and we must be ready.

What I love about the spring palate is how incredibly light and simple it is. Lot's of pastels, neutral metallics and matte finishes. Ironically the detail is in the simplicity.

All of these tall, spring essentials are a steal. In fact everything (with the exception of the trench which is an investment piece and can be worn for multiple seasons) is under $100! And we all know that a tall girl loves her a great deal:)

Personally I am dying over the TTYA Long Sleeved Midi Dress from ASOS. When was the last time you saw a long sleeved, white dress made just for us? Swoon.

Which one of these is your #1 pick for spring?


2. NEW TALL CLASSIC TRENCH. $225. Banana Republic.


4. FLOWER CHILD PENDANT. $46. Bauble Bar.

5. MELANCHOLY CAGE SANDAL. $99. Sizes 5-12. Nine West.



8. TALL CHARLIE V-NECK BLOUSE. $79. Height Goddess.

9. BIRD OF PARADISE 3/4 SLEEVE BLAZER. $29.80. Forever 21.


11. HANDBAG. $34.95. H&M.

12. CHRISTIAN SIRIANO ACE FLAT. $19.99. Sizes 5-13. Payless.


Pretty Hurts

Photo courtesy of @Nirrimi.‘Dang you’re tall…but you are pretty though.’

What kind of sentence is this? I wish I could obliterate this statement from the face of the earth. Talk about a backhanded comment. You may be implying that I am pretty but what you are really doing is calling every tall girl ugly. Yes. That is what you said. Get out of my presence.

These kind of generalizations contribute to a tall girls plunge into self-esteem problems. For some reason a large part of society places the combination of tall+woman into UGLY. I will never, ever understand this. Who painted this portrait and why did we purchase it?

First, there is no such thing as ugly. Ugly is just a shallow opinion. Every single one of us is created in God’s image, with beautiful lines and purpose in every single step of our creation. We each have something unique and amazing that only we can release on the world.

Second, who decided that a whole group of women should be placed in the ugly bin because we are tall? I have some words for you. Can we meet after school and settle this? Did you see a tall woman that wasn’t in your definition of beautiful and then spread the rumor that all of us are undesirable? Why can’t we just keep our preferences to ourselves?

Third, and most importantly, why do we believe this lie?  I did for years. I heard it, agreed with it and then tortured myself with it. I adopted it as fact and was so lost in it that I couldn’t see the screaming, neon fallacy that it was. I know some of you reading this were right there with me. I know some of you reading this are still caught in the trap of the lie.

I can’t be the one to break you out. Only you can pick the lock. But please know that there are many statements and stereotypes about our height that are created to detour us from seeing what a gift it is. What we all need to realize is that it’s not the person that makes the statement that brings us down, it’s our own acceptance of the ludicrous idea that does.  

It’s hard to admit that you are the master of your ship. That you let in the good and the bad. That ideas like this one are just suggestions rather than reasons for the way that we feel. But at the end of the day that is exactly what they are and it’s up to us to repel them.

Take control. Reject the lies. Love every single piece to your puzzle. And above all, never make someone’s lie your reality.


Ace of Base

Tall Long Sleeve Body - Taller Than Your Average/Calvin Klein Animal Print Skirt - Savers/Collared Moto Vest - Forever 21/Color Blocked Animal Pumps - Christian Siriano for Payless (size 12)/Textured Tights - Walmart (George brand size 4)/Clutch - H&M/Cuff - Express/Shades - Payless

Photo credit: Clara Rice Photography

There are some pieces that I feel a tall girl must have in her repertoire. You may have heard me talk about foundational pieces. They are those base items that you can build multiple looks from and the Tall Long Sleeve Body from Taller Than Your Average is one of them.

This bodysuit is long enough in the body (no tugging on your muff) and has arms so long that I sometimes have to ruche them on the bottom (just the kind of problem we like).  It's perfect for layers and I often use it for turning a summer look into a winter look.  Just put it on under any structured sleeveless dress, add tights, boots and a scarf and poof-bam-pow, you have a winter fit.  It also looks amazing with trousers (sleeks you out and you don't have to tuck your blouse in all day).

I can't wait to show you more pieces from Taller Than Your Average but don't be surprised if you see this tall bodysuit in other posts (that's what washer and dryers are for:). 

I paired it with a thrifted skirt from one of my fav thrift stores Savers ($6.99), a faux moto jacket from Forever 21, some C. Siriano pumps and my go-to tights (that are plenty long) from good ol walmeezy (my language for Walmart).

What would you wear the Tall Long Sleeve Body with?


Happy Style 

PU Pullover Sweater - Alloy/Skirt - Thrifted (Goodwill)/TESS by Barefoot Tess Vienna Boot (size 12) Fashionably Large Shoes/Oversized Chain Neck Piece - Urban Vintage/Triangle Stretch Bracelet - Forever21/PU Stud Wrap Bracelet - Alloy/Skyler Mini Crossbody - Alloy

Photo Credit: Clara Rice

So it's been a minute since we have talked to each other.  I have been busy as a queen bee.  Games, games, projects and did I mention games? I seriously missed you.

So, in the midst of all of the madness, I found time to pickup some new favs. For the longest time I have been looking for a pleather shirt but couldn't find one with long enough arms. When I found this 3/4 length baby from Alloy, I put it in the bag. I particularily love the fact that it's not entirely PU.  I mean who wants to wear a sweat bag all day? This shirt is a pleather party in the front and sweater in the back. Best of both worlds.

I found the skirt on a quick thrift visit to Goodwill.  I love the length because it's short but doesn't show the cheeks (yall know what I mean).

The boots!!! They were an amazing pickup from this place I love to troll called Fashionably Large Shoes.  They have some great finds in great sizes.

Now that I have shared some style accomplishments, I have to share a work accomplishment.  Recently my co-workers (who also happen to be amazing friends) Janet, Sabrina and I made a Warriors version of Pharrell Williams Happy video (which is completely genius by the way).

It was a blast to make and showcases many of my GSW and ORACLE family members. When you get a moment please check it out. Definitely one of those moments where you don't feel like it's work because you are doing something that you love:)


Our New Friend Poppy Barley 

The Everyday City Boot - Poppy Barley/Plaid Blazer - Savers/Skinny Jeans - Alloy (37" inseam)/New Tailored Chambray Top - Gap Tall/Necklace and Ring - Forever 21/Clutch - Thrifted/Belt - Vintage by the Pound

Photo Credit: Clara Rice

Listen Loves. When you come across something that is custom, chic and custom (yes, I said it twice because it's worthy of a second mention) you MUST share it with any tall girl that can listen. So girl, let me tell you about my new friend Poppy Barley...

Poppy Barley is an amazing company that makes custom boots and flats up to size 13. Now I know some of you reading this just stopped because you wear above a 13 BUT DON'T because they want to hear from you. Click here to let them know how important it is to extend their sizes above 13. Seriously, LET THEM KNOW. This company is definitely one that will change for the better.  It will literally take a minute to share your shoe voice.

The process is super easy. Design your boot and/or flat, measure, type in your measurements and order. They will even send you a free measuring tape.  Booyah!

I absolutely LOVE the boots that I ordered.  They are comfortable and fit me like a glove (in my Ace Ventura voice). I mean the shaft of the boot actually hits where it's supposed to!  When was the last time that happened? NEVER.  When I tell you these boots are custom, I mean every single nook and cranny of the boot is made for you.  From the calf, to the style to the's all about you baby!

So, you say you are scared to order because what if they don't fit and then you wasted your investment? Pish posh. PB has your back. You have 30 days to return them for a full refund and/or remake. So get your wusaw on and order something amazing for yourself.

Speaking of ordering, Poppy Barley has given TallSWAG readers an exclusive coupon code for $25 off your order.  Just enter promo-tallswag-2014 in at checkout

My next order will be a pair of their fabulous flats.  Now, we all know that I am not usually a flat girl but when they are this chic and can be made just the way I want them, I am willing to break my rule.

If you want to see more Poppy Barley custom creations check out their 2014 Lookbook. If you have any questions, check out these FAQ's and if that doesn't answer them, shoot me an email or pose the question in the comment section of this post and I will ask the company directly.

One last thing...between you and me and the Poppy Barley instagram...they are coming out with a heeled boot. Glory be...I'm too excited to sleep!!! Definitely stay tuned for that.

Aren't you excited about our new friend? Let's all be friends. Share Poppy Barley with all of your compadres and soon we will all be wearing foot candy that fits us perfectly...what a wonderful world this will be:)