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Many words come to mind when I think about the Waterfall coat from NEXT but the biggest loudest one is SWOON. I am in love with the color, cut and length of it. It goes with everything, is super warm and has little details like the clasp that holds it together that just sets this coat apart for me. It also comes in pink. SWOON again.

I have a secret. This isn’t even the tall version. I wanted the ability to layer this coat with some long sleeves (it’s apparently the chic thing to do right now) so I ordered the regular coat (usually I am not into regular things but in this case, I am in). You see how long the regular is so just imagine the tall.

I paired this fab coat with the 36” inseam Easy Crepe Pants for LEL. I love them! The only thing I would change about them (which I did myself in 30 seconds) is taking off the metal pieces on the end of the strings (just not my thing). I also put on one of my favorite bodysuits from ASOS (clearly because it’s animal print) and my wine booties from Payless (up to size 13). They are my favorite find right now. TIP: Remember to always Google coupon codes before ordering anything. You never know what might be out there.

I am so excited that it’s getting cold enough for fits like this! What are you looking forward to rocking this fall and winter?

3 Ways to Wear Tall Leather Look Pants

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Wait...have you see the Long Tall Sally winter collection yet? You will now with one itty bitty click of the play button above. I used 8 amazing pieces of the collection in this video to showcase 3 different looks using the TTYA for Long Tall Sally Leather Look Pants.

Want a breakdown of the looks? Watch and receive:) I worked hard on this piece and all of the info is in this perfect little package...however the links are below so you can easily select your tall, must have pieces.

Leather Look Pants
Perfect Polo Neck
Leather Chelsea Ankle Boot
Barefoot Tess Berry Handbag

Leather Look Pants
Rib Knit Batwing Tunic
Lace Up Sneaker in Black
Sequin Beanie Hat
Barefoot Tess Berry Handbag

Leather Look Pants
Stripe Wrap Shirt
Double Zip Suede Ankle Boot

So...what do you think??? Feedback is an amazing thing and while you are at it please tell me what you would like to see in the next video.

Thanks for watching you beautiful tall thing you:)

Roll On

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Rollie in Leopard - SMASH SHOES/Knit Midi Skirt in Berry - FOREVER 21/Metallic Print Sweater and Ring - H&M/Hat - KEY WEST HAT COMPANY/Handbag - THRIFTED/Polish - Penny Talk by Essie Photo Credit: YBowyer Photography

Rollie in Leopard - SMASH SHOES/Knit Midi Skirt in Berry - FOREVER 21/Metallic Print Sweater and Ring - H&M/Hat - KEY WEST HAT COMPANY/Handbag - THRIFTED/Polish - Penny Talk by Essie

Photo Credit: YBowyer Photography

OH. MY. GOSH. I mean, when I found SMASH Shoes I was excited. Another option for us in sizes 10-13...woo hoo!!! But it wasn't until I received my first pair that I became a true believer of the brand.

Introducing The Rollie! Just a stunning shoe. You can't pass by them (even in the box) without staring them down. Talk about a showstopper! Now, are they comfortable? Well...I won't be running any marathons in them anytime soon but they are easy to walk in given the style and didn't kill even after a full night of wear. But seriously, even if they did, I would still rock these bad ladies. There are just some shoes you sacrifice for.

The Rollie is really versatile. I styled it with a somewhat dressier look but you can throw them on with a white tee and some boyfriend jeans and rock it out. As a matter of fact, you will probably see that look on TallSWAG one day because I will be wearing them often.

I am lovin SMASH Shoes and can't wait to review another style. What do you think about the brand? Do you like what you see so far?

Side note: Shout-out to my glutes. I have been working on them in my Better Body workouts with my tall fitness sister from another mister, Lisa Alice. My booty is getting to where I want it to be, more importantly my fitness is getting where I want it to be and I am standing a little taller with each workout. Can't wait to show you what we are working on...stay tuned!

Sock it to Me

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Hey tall, beautiful people! It's been way too long. A little thing called the NBA season hit me like a ton of bricks (as I work for the Golden State Warriors). I had to get into a work-werk balance. I am here now. Let's talk tall style shall we? Of course we shall...

You may have heard me talk about tall-short length. It is one of the hardest things for us to find. When retailers cut tall garments, they often overcompensate on all of the clothing and go WAY too long on something that is supposed to be short. Yes, wearing short dresses off the rack is often a no-no for many reasons including unintentional flashes of your lady (we certainly can't have that) but that doesn't mean we have to go all the way to the other side and rock a dowdy dress. No can do. Those legs deserve to be showed off in a sexy, acceptable manner.

The Tall Black Check Dress from Next certainly fits the tall-short bill. It shows off the legs but keeps the rest concealed. It has a classic look with all kinds of sass woven into it. I also love the high collar and I wanted to accentuate it even more so I put on the Long Sleeve Jersey Body from TTYA for Long Tall Sally right underneath. I am a huge fan of a layered neckline.

I paired the fab dress with some knee high socks because that school girl look is always fun right? Plus they went perfectly with these timb-esk booties. I've been trying to tell yall that Payless is where it's at!

Lastly, it's fall and in the Bay Area that means it's just starting to get a little chilly so I threw on this Easy Knit Cardigan from Long Elegant Legs. I love the long length in both the arms and body. It's super soft too.

Wow, I must say that I missed you terribly for the last 16 days. I am so glad we are back together again and looking fabulous as usual:)

Sweat Equity

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When most people hear sweater, the first word that comes to mind is something along the lines of comfy. Now, while that is an accurate descriptor, chic is also one that could just as easily be used especially when referring to the Necklace Knit Sweater from Long Tall Sally. 

This sweater is definitely one of my favorite pieces from the LTS Knitwear Collection because it is timeless and effortless. There is no need for any other accessories so it's literally style on the go. And as you can see it's plenty long in the body and the arms.

I love the slim cut of the sweater and wanted to highlight it even further by tucking it in to a skater skirt. This one was a steal as I found it at Savers Thrift Store. You can't beat an animal print Calvin Klein skirt for under $10.

The tights are LONG ENOUGH and don't have a saggy you-know-what. They are the George Brand from Walmart. I get them in a size 4 and they fit great. I just walk right into the store and pick them up. In fact, I have many colors of George tights that I rock in the winter on the regular.

Chic sweaters will be everywhere very soon. Now that you got a glimpse of how I will be wearing them, inquiring tall minds want to know how you plan to rock them. And go...

FYI - I am fully aware that the skirt and my hair are being blown around in these pics. I live in the Bay Area. It happens.