Tall in Love

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Admittedly, thus far, love has not been my forte. I have been in some strong likes, ridiculous infatuations and a situation that may have been love but was unrequited, so to this day I question if it really was love because doesn't it take 2 to come to that conclusion?

Yep. Love has been a complicated thing for me and so I ran from relationships like the plague. For a long time I just didn't date. It was a tactic of guarding my bruised heart. Then when I started dating, I wouldn't let anyone in. I was completely afraid to give my feelings to someone else.  

On top of all of the confusion, I am also waiting for sex until marriage. This is something that I have always had a strong, personal conviction in but without a doubt a decision that adds another layer to the quest for true love. It's a beautiful layer, but a layer nonetheless.

However with all of these layers, the one that is definitely the hardest to cut through is the tall layer. For one reason or another height is a huge deal to a large majority of males walking this earth. It will stop a man in their tracks and make them run in the opposite direction. Trust me. I, like many of us, speak from experience on this one. I have had multiple men see me, realize that I am taller than them and run for the hills.

And to that I say, let them run.

Let those insecure men run to the highest point, of the farthest hill, far far away from you. 

For example, last night I went out on a second date with a guy. The first date was awesome so I was actually excited for the second one. I kid you not, the FIRST thing out of his mouth was you still wearing them heels huh. I had to calm my inner Alicia down but then his next sentence took it way too far and there was no going back...we are going to have to invest in some flats. After that, who knows what he said because all I heard was insecurity and I no longer speak that language.

You see, there are a lot of layers to love and being tall is definitely one of them but I have grown to realize that these layers are not barriers to finding love yet little sifters that expel the bad and keep the good. Imagine a bunch of men in a colander. Each one of your layers is a hole in the colander and the men who are insecure fall through the insecurity hole, the jerks fall through the jerk hole and and so on and so forth. You just have to keep sifting until the one that is made to love all of you is left.

Now, this is not to say that we don't have some work to do on our end. In order to find the right person we must love ourselves completely, know what we deserve and be the person that deserves what we require. We have to hold up our end but know that along the path, he will be there. God has him picked out for you. You just have to be patient, do your work, sift and wait on Him.

I am happy to say that I am in this place right now. Working on me, exploring what is out there with an open heart, scoffing at ridiculous dates but having full faith that every no will lead to God's yes in my love life.

True love will come...keep sifting my tall, beautiful one!  



I love, love, LOVE to blog but when I am on the go, I often like to share with you using my little friend (who also happens to be friends with 200 million other people) Instagram. When I see something, experience something, feel something or wear something, I post that bad boy to IG.

But ya know...just like every other social medium, not everyone is on it (insert sad face here). And I really don't want to leave anyone out SO I have decided to start doing a #INSTAstyle roundup to showcase some of my favorite tall finds. Want to hear it? Here it go...

This is the one and only Cutout Side One Piece - long Torso Swimsuit from the Alloy Apparel Tall Shop. I was elated when I received it because it actually fit without giving the dreaded camel toe. I wore it during a photo shoot that I had for Candid Art Accessories. I love the cut of it and it also gives a great shape for a person who has a lack of chi chi's like myself. It's what I like to call ladysexy. Nothing is hanging out but the sex appeal is still off the charts. Right now it is only $29.99 and also comes in a tribal print which I will probably buy as well.

Ahhhhhhhhh! This jumpsuit stole my heart the minute I put it on. It's the Zip Detail Jumpsuit from Long Tall Sally. It is SUPER cute, can be dressed up or down and covers the ankles (I just shed a tall style tear). On this particular day, I wore it for a day out with the girls but I have also worn it to the office with a blazer and threw on some flats with it for a day of running errands. If it asked me to marry it, I might say yes. Right now, it's 20% off! Personally I feel it's a steal for a piece this versatile and hard to find. (PS. the shoes are Christian Siriano for Payless circa 2 seasons ago).

My girls! We had a fab day getting our mani's on at the nail salon and I happened to be wearing a FAB pair of tall, floral shorts from the asos tall line. It also has a matching tall kimono but I chose to wear the shorts solo because I was just going to the nail salon and thought it was a bit much. The shorts are super comfortable, cover the buns and are perfect for hot weather. Aren't my friends fierce!?! *Wedge patrol: Free People via the Nordstrom Rack.

I had the honor of seeing my best friend (the dapper guy with the bowtie) marry his better half. It was a beautiful ceremony! Leading up to their special day, I had a couple of non-stop weeks where I had absolutely no time to shop (eeeek!). At 10 p.m. the night before I was leaving for the wedding, I prayed a little fashion prayer and ran into my local Target for a last ditch attempt to find something special. God answered my prayer with this little number; the Mossimo Lattice Back Dress. It was meant to be worn baggy but I wanted a little shape to it, so I paired it with a thrifted belt. It was perfect for the occasion and the back detail added a special little touch. Another testament to the fact that you can find stuff off the just have to look a little harder:)

So, there you have first #INSTAstyle roundup! Is this something you would like to see on a regular basis? Let me know. Can't wait for the roundup? Follow and get instant @TallSWAG instagrammys here :)


Forever and Ever 


Mineral Wash Midi Dress (size L) - Forever 21/Nude Sunnies - Forever 21/Platinum Cuff - Forever 21/Enzo Angiolini Pumps (Size 12) - Nordstrom/Handbag - H&M

Photo Credit: Shannon Warf

I absolutely love Forever 21!

Halt. Stop the presses. Get this tall girl some medication because she done gone crazy! She just said she loves Forever 21 and she knows there is nothing in that store to fit us tall girls!

Not true. Are there many pieces? No. But are there some? Yep.

Now, I am a bonafide member of team Forever 21 needs a tall line STAT but until then, there are finds that they carry right now that we can rock. Obviously we can wear their affordable jewelry and accessories line, most of their midi dresses and skirts work for us, some of their 3/4 sleeve blazers look amazing on our tall frames, we can rock many of the tops all day long and some of the ankle pants look fabulous on us. I have said it before and will say it again, try it on! You never know what amazingness you will find.

Prime example, this Mineral Wash Midi Dress. It hugs all of the right curves, has a haute denim look, perfect for a function with friends and shows the legs off while keeping it classy with the faux turtleneck. Oh and did I mention it's only $17.90! The perfect little dress for a perfect little price:)

What Forever 21 pieces do you rock?


Swing This Way

Tall Sleeveless Swing Dress - ASOS (also comes in white, pink and grey marl)/Studded Peep Toe Booties (size 11) - Alloy Apparel/Neck Piece and Gold Cuff - Forever 21/Bag - Thrifted

Photo credit: Shannon Warf

Who doesn't love a little black dress!? Like nobody...ever. They are the perfect little throw on to create a classic moment that is always memorable.

This LBD is no different. I was a little suspect at first because I like my dresses to have some shape to them but after I put the dress on, I felt like a saucy princess. The flow is perfect and it's tre sexy without being overt (which is something I personally believe every woman should try to do on a daily basis).

This swing dress is another piece from the ASOS Tall Line that I love and is the perfect example of a short dress from a tall line that is just the right short length. No booty cheeks allowed.

I also LOVE these booties from Alloy Apparel. Their tall line carries shoes up to size 11 but a little birdie told me that they will be carrying some shoes in sizes above 11 soon and you know I will let you know as soon as they drop. I can't wait and have been practicing how to order quickly on the site so I don't miss's so serious:) 


Not on My Level

Tall Midi Split Skirt - ASOS/Tee - Forever 21/Hat - Key West Hat Company of New Orleans/Midi Boots - Payless (size 12)/Backpack - Collage Clothing Lounge/Wrap Bracelet - Alloy Apparel

Photo credit: Shannon Warf

According to good ol' Merriam-Webster, the definition of confidence is a feeling or belief that you can do something well or succeed at something. While it hasn't always been, my confidence in succeeding at being ME is very high. I am proud of my height, thankful for all of the unique gifts that God has given me and strive to celebrate the one-and-only me that that is on this earth every single day. So when I saw this amazing shirt from Forever 21 that I felt celebrated my high level of height, I purchased it without even thinking about it.

Now, some would call wearing a shirt that says you're not even on my level a bit cocky. So I decided to look that definition up too and here is what MW had to say: having or showing confidence in a way that is annoying to other people.

I found this definition to be very interesting. So I am cocky if someone is annoyed by my display of confidence? Well then, I guess you are just going to have to call me cocky then because I don't plan on ever changing the way I let my confidence shine for anyone's annoyance of it. We were built by God to be exactly the way that we are. Every single attribute was selected specifically for us to achieve and succeed in our purpose. So if you want to be annoyed by the confidence I convey from the gifts that I have been given, give me any label that you want. 

Remember, nobody and I mean NOBODY is on your level. We all have our own, exclusive level, that is untouchable. Each one of us was specifically made to achieve something that no one else can. Embrace your irreplaceable self, foster the fact that you can succeed in anything that you do and walk tall with your cocky self.