The Dogs That Bark

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"You will never reach your destination if you stop and throw stones at every dog that barks." -Winston Churchill

This past weekend I was in Vegas during the Mayweather vs. Maidana fight. As you can imagine there were a ton of people in town. I mean it was packed everywhere you went. Now you know, with a lot of people, come a lot of stares and ridiculous comments. I couldn't walk 5 feet without catching someone pointing at me or hearing those loud whispers they think we are deaf to. Some people just outright screamed from across the room dang you tall girl. It was a display of tall ignorance at it's worst.

Normally I let the comments roll off my back. But I have to say for the first time in a long time it bothered me. Not annoyed me...straight made me upset and ready to lash out at every single person who did anything in reaction to my God given inches.

I was pissed.

I started calling out people, checking them and returning their rudeness with some vile rudeness of my own. I morphed into one of them for a brief moment.

How dare I let them win.

While I internally calmed myself down, I thought about the time and energy it took to reciprocate their remarks. It was a sheer waste of time and the only person it hurt was myself. My blood pressure went up, ugly words invaded my mind and spilled out of my mouth and I became what they wanted me to become.

While it was only for a brief moment, I remember when I lived life like this. I let every comment and stare feed my depression. Yes, we are all human. Yes, we will have moments. But what you must stop, RIGHT NOW, is living a life where you stop for every dog that barks.

With the gift of height, comes some challenging moments BUT the blessings far outweigh the rough patches. If you focus on the rough moments, you will live a rough life. If you focus on the blessing, you will live a blessed life. I know, I know. How clichรฉ of me. This may be something that many people say but that doesn't make it any less true.

So stand tall, hold that head high and walk past those barking dogs with the fiercest walk possible. I guarantee you...it will silence them faster than any stone will.


#INSTAstyle Dos

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Hello Lovely! I hope this blog finds you well. How do you like the new site? Personally, I think it's FAB but I'm kind of partial to it. Anywho, it's time for a little INSTAstyle roundup! These are everyday looks that I post on my IG and since you might not have one...I thought I would share them altogether:)

Photo credit: Tiffany Williams

Photo credit: Tiffany Williams

This is a little workflow look. I absolutely adore these animal print pants (36" inseam) from Long Tall Sally. They are on sale for $49! Since they are relaxed, I wore them with relaxed oversized pieces. The blazer is from Forever 21 and the shirt is from H&M. See...in-store pieces do work for us! You thought I forgot about the shoes...never. Nordstrom Rack baby (size 12).

Photo credit: Janet Fong

Photo credit: Janet Fong

This shirt! Can you deal!? I squealed when I got it. You're darn right Life is short, but I'm not. It was perfect for a casual Friday with Alloy Apparel skinnies (37" inseam) and classic Converse kicks. If you like this tee, check out the entire tall t-shirt line from Height Goddess.

Photo credit: Michelle Mino

Photo credit: Michelle Mino

So this dress is extremely old. One of those LBD's that lasts a lifetime. I copped it from H&M when I was in college which I would like to say was last year but it wasn't. Let's leave it at that. I rocked it with a thrifted belt, old faithful clutch and some sick ones from Nine West (size 12).

Photo credit: Janet Fong

Photo credit: Janet Fong

Oh, hello denim! I love the Canadian tuxedo. One of my favorite trends this season. The top is from Gap Tall, the cropped jeans are from Democracy (not tall but they work). Yes, these are the same booties you saw earlier. I repeat for many reasons but mainly because being broke isn't cute. Being fiscally responsible is gorgeous.

Photo credit: Sabrina Ellison

Photo credit: Sabrina Ellison

This. Dress. Is. Amazing. I love the way it fits. The perfect tall-short length. I wore it to a baby shower but there are so many occasions at which you could rock it. Get this...it's only $45. WARNING! Clicking too fast on a length could result in a hurt finger. Be careful my friend.

Photo credit: Moi

Photo credit: Moi

I know this guy named Christian. He's one of the Nice Guys and he has a t-shirt line to prove it. I am a huge fan of the Nice Brand and one of the best things about it, is that with every purchase 20% of the proceeds go to the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia. It's an awesome brand for an awesome cause. As you can see, I'm Nice.

Well, that's another INSTAstyle roundup. If you are more into the instant thing than the roundup thing, follow TallSWAG on the gram: @TallSWAG. See you there or be square:) Later beautiful!


Alicia JayComment


Alicia JayComment

Zoie Racerback Maxi Dress - Height Goddess (Shown in 67" length)/Shoes - Alloy Apparel/Neck piece - Forever 21/Wrist piece - Charlotte Russe/Clutch - H&M

Photo Credit: Shannon Warf

I am a firm believer that every girl needs 2 LBD's; a little black dress and a long black dress.  They are both equally important to the success of your wardrobe because they are classic and can be worn in so many ways.

Take this beautiful long black Zoie Racerback Maxi Dress from Height Goddess. It can be dressed up or down, you can easily throw on a long cardigan with a belt and scarf for a fall/winter look and it is super flattering for most body types. Like most black dresses, it's a chameleon piece.

In particular, Height Goddess Maxi dresses are the absolute bomb! They come in different inseams (genius move) and are constructed specifically for our tall frames. You truly can't go wrong with an HG maxi.

So that is my take on the LBD Deux. Personally I think I am rockin it fabulously in this parking lot. I mean, why not traipse through an empty lot in a luxurious dress and heels? #ParkingLotSWAG


The Limited Goes Tall

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Congratulations to our winner Crystal! Thank you to everyone that entered and please check-in to TallSWAG for more contests and of course Tall style!

Tall Lace Detail Blouse - The Limited/Tall Insert Skater Skirt - The Limited/Mini Dome Satchel - The Limited/Shoes - Joan & David 

Photo credit: Shannon Warf 

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of The Limited. All opinions are 100% mine.

There is a newbie in town and I am so excited to tell you all about it! Wait for it...The Limited launched a new Tall Shop! Yep. It's brand spankin new and I am here to tell you all about it!

First, I absolutely love the quality. These pieces feel great and are constructed really well. Not only are they constructed well, the proportions are gravy! The line is actually crafted to fit our long, beautiful limbs and areas that particularly matter to us like rise, inseam and even the bend at the knee. Let me break it down for you...

The Tall Lace Detail Blouse is plenty long in the body and the arms hit right where they should. I am always a skeptical one when it comes to the arm length of "tall" blouses but this one actually came correct. The detail on the blouse is amazing. No accessories needed with this baby.

Now for the Tall Inset Skater Skirt. Again, skeptical city. Was it going to cover the buns? Yeah buddy! Not only does it cover them, it hits where a skater skirt is supposed to hit. Well, fancy that! It is a great piece and the flow of the skirt just makes you feel like a pretty princess.

As if the tall line wasn't enough, The Limited has some amazing accessories too. This mini Dome Satchel is the perfect little sidekick. It holds everything nicely and you can cross body or carry it.  It polishes off the pretty.

The full collection looks stunning. There are many tall options in the LTD Tall Shop from jackets to suiting to versatile dresses, giving you ample opportunities to mix and match. A little birdie also told me that they will be offering select Scandal items in tall in September...and all of the tall girls squealed at once!

Now, for the time being the items in the LTD Tall Shop will only be available online but keep those side eyes to yourself because you can return them to THELIMITED.com or in-store for free of charge. Yay for stress free online shopping!

Speaking of shopping...how does $100 gift card to The Limited sound? You could win it with one comment. Check out the Tall Shop and comment below with what your favorites are from the Tall collection to be automatically entered to in the $100 LTD gift card (make sure you include your email address). The winner will be picked at random and announced on TallSWAG.com on Wednesday, August 20th.

I can't wait to see your favorite picks! I also look forward to showing more pieces from the line soon so make sure you check back into TallSWAG for more reviews and options from the new Tall Shop from The Limited.

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