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Tall City Chick

I love food.  I mean, this tall girl can eat!  I wouldn't call myself a foodie because I don't really know the names, technicalities or composition of food.  I just know that if it tastes good, I love it and consume a lot of it.

With that said, anytime I get a chance to go to brunch, I sprint.  The other day was no different.  My girls called me up and before they could even get the 'b' of brunch out, I was in this outfit and on my way.  You see how fast I am walking across that city street?  It's not because of the cars. No. It's because I know an all you can eat brunch is waiting for me on the other side.

Now, I know me, so I wore a comfy very forgiving dress to the brunch (it's also a very versatile dress that you can dress up or down).  I didn't want it to be too dressy but I also didn't want to look frumpy so I chose to give it a little edge with my Mom's denim vest from the 60's (her closet is one of my favorite places to shop), my go-to peep toe booties and rockeresque accessories.  But honestly, above all, I chose this because it was easy to pick out, put on and would get me to the food faster.

Brunch was delish and I felt cute while I was stuffing my face. Winning!

Dress - Long Tall Sally (It's on sale for $49 right now). Denim vest - Free99 from Mom's closet. Sunglasses - Forever 21. Clutch - Candies. Shoes - Nine West. Bracelets - H&M

Photo credit: Doug-Ho (HkoPhoto)

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Reader Comments (2)

You look fabulous. It was your post that led me to buy the LTS cut about skirt a while back, which I receive a huge amount of compliments for! If only the US tall women's shops were so reasonable with postage costs to Australia because our choice is way more limited here!

August 29, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterTall Girl Too

It DOES look like you're running across the street. Love it! I'm with you on the food thing. I hesitate to call myself a foodie as well but I do love to grub and I can also pack it away. My husband calls me a "good eater". Ummm...thanks? Anyways, love the outfit as always. Now you've inspired me to shop for booties.

August 31, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterBethany

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