My Perfect Locks

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Photo Credit: Lakeela Smith

Photo Credit: Lakeela Smith

I am 210% happy to announce that I am finally comfortable with my natural hair.

Whew! It took awhile and it was a long road but I can truly tell you that I love it.

My natural hair has been something that I fought my entire life and used to only reveal it to my stylist. I would get my weave taken down and put right back up at every visit. My natural hair was fully concealed and tracks became a vital part of my look. I came to a point where I refused to deviate from the long tresses and even went as far to feel like the sewn in locks were actually better than what God gave me.

In many ways, rockin my natural hair was the final step to true self acceptance. Listen, I'm going to have my insecure moments just like EVERYONE else but they will only be moments because I now know, in every way, that I was built specifically and wonderfully and that I am made specifically to achieve things that only I was built to achieve. My hair is not a hindrance. It is part of a package that makes me complete.

My hair is also versatile. Now that it's out for the world to see, I have been playing around with styles that are not only fun, but also protective. Remember when I rocked these box braids?

Photo Credit: Lakeela Smith

Photo Credit: Lakeela Smith

Well, these bad boys will be coming back soon because Natural Hair does require a lot of maintenance and sometimes I need a little breaky break. I mean, months of really doing nothing to your hair is amazing and mine usually grows faster while it's being protected...it's a win-win situation!

I also started playing around with something else...wigs!

Let me tell you...

Where have you been all my life?

If I had known about wigs, I personally may have never worn a weave because you can switch up your look very easily and you can care for your natural hair far easier when the hair isn't permanently sewn in. You literally braid your hair, put a wig cap on, throw on the wig and blend your hairline. Now, this was my first time ever wearing one, so the technique still needs a little work but you can literally change your look up in minutes.

This Human Hair wig from Perfect Locks gives me a straight look without putting heat on my natural hair that could mess up my curl pattern. It protects my natural hair and is great for those lazy days where I simply don't want to put in work on these curls.

I am a big fan of this protective style and the most important part is...this wig compliments me, not completes me. I wear it,, and any other hairstyle, because I want to and not because I need to. I am truly NOT my hair but it sure is fun to play around with it!

Sweat it Out

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Spacedye Zip Detail Sweatshirt and Pants - Long Tall Sally/Bomber Jacket (Men's) - Forever 21/Shoes (shown in size 12) - Nordstrom Rack Photo Credit: LaKeela Smith

Spacedye Zip Detail Sweatshirt and Pants - Long Tall Sally/Bomber Jacket (Men's) - Forever 21/Shoes (shown in size 12) - Nordstrom Rack

Photo Credit: LaKeela Smith

The weather in The Bay has been frightful lately (and by frightful I'm being a bit dramatic because it's just been raining, but still). With the gloomy weather comes an overwhelming need to wear comfortable clothing and with that said, I could not be happier with this tall sweat set from Long Tall Sally!

It's definitely long enough, love the colors used in the fabric and it's my favorite word: CHIC. I paired them with some heels because why not? Takes the sporty up a notch and you still feel like you are in PJ's.

So the bad news is, there is a very limited quantity of both pieces on the LTS site BUT the good news is; 1) You probably have some comfy pieces in your closet that you can remix for a new fit and 2) Long Tall Sally has a vast selection of other pieces that will do the trick.

Life Update: I have been on a Daniel and TV fast for 10 days now and have 11 to go. This time the fast definitely threw me for a loop at first but my body has adjusted and we are all good. The best part has been the amazing time I am spending with God. I think adding the television fast has really removed the distraction that fasting calls for. I am so thankful for this time and will show you how I plan to keep the fast principals going past the actual fast, in a later post.

Thanks for reading lovely...have a great weekend!

New Jack City

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So...I have been living in this coat! I swear to you, I can't remember the last day that I went without it. It's chic and really, you feel like you are wearing a blanket. I'm truly obsessed with it. Especially because this weather has been so crazy. You never really know what you are going to get!

I really love the length...it's a true longline on us! Another thing that I love is the sporty vibe. Yea, It's on trend but it's not too much sport. You can wear this coat with something casual or dressy. It's incredibly versatile and for me, hands down the coat of the season and seasons to come!

I paired it with my current fav legging at the moment from Tall Girls UK. Like the coat, they go with everything and admittedly I have been wearing them too often! I finished the look with some chic boots (similar here) and a remix on a turtleneck from Long Tall Sally (the neck is going crazy in these photos but I like the wide neck of the top ion real life lol).

Life note: I began another Daniel Fast (and also added television)! For 21 days I will be fasting, praying and reading my Bible. While I normally pray and read, while you fast it uncovers things that just amaze me! Things blossom in my life and I just love spending time with God. I will keep you updated on my fast journey on my Instagram story so join if you are interested...HERE is my last Daniel Fast experience:)

Thanks for reading...have a fabulous day beautiful! 

Boiling Over

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I have been super busy with a project (that I can't wait to tell you about) and while I am busy, I love throwing on pieces that are super easy and chic,

This boiler suit from Long Tall Sally is a prime example of this, It has arms that are long enough for us, is warm in this crazy weather and you can throw it on in seconds. You literally don't need to add a thing except for shoes.

Since we are on the subject of shoes...are these not amazing!?! A little metallic can set any outfit off, These loafers are comfortable and give just the right pop.

Here is the best part...this boiler suit is only $49. Yep. You read that right. For under 50 bucks you have a full outfit and one that doesn't give you camel toe at that. The definition of a win-win!

On a personal note. I have been absent because what I am working on is huge! I have been growing in leaps and bounds through this process and look forward to sharing my growth.

Thank you for being there and always being there for me...talk to you soon beautiful!


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I have a pretty good sized closet and a separate wardrobe. The amount of clothes that I have is kinda ridiculous and today solidified it. My poor wardrobe basically crumbled because the weight of the clothes bent the dang bar in half.

Even prior to my wardrobegate, I have been looking at ways to downsize all of my stuff. I have accumulated some clutter and she has to go! With that said, I have been looking at ways to adopt a life of giving away the old and efficiently acquiring the new. 

Enter the CURATD collection from Long Tall Sally. The pieces are very well made, forward thinking and importantly versatile. As you can see in this lookbook, you can create a plethora of outfits from minimal pieces. It's a smart, stylish buy that will foster your fierce for seasons to come and right now...it's even better because the collection in on discount!

Thanks for checking out the lookbook and tell me what you want to see next!

I also have it on my heart to tell you this...

You are amazing. Stop believing those lies that they are telling you. Nothing about you is a mistake and every single part of you was meant for a purpose. You are here to make a change in a way that only YOU can. Stop comparing yourself to others and walk forward in faith knowing that He built you to do all things!


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Photo Credit: MyFatPocket

Photo Credit: MyFatPocket

I am a great woman.

This is not self-centered, this is a fact. I have crafted her over 36 years and I am pleased with her. Do I have my faults? You better believe it. But the fact remains that I am certain that I am someone that God is proud of, that I am proud of and I continually work to make great.

Then why in the Sam Hill am I single?

I see women, every single day, getting swooped up and carted off to what appears to be a happily ever after. Meanwhile, I’m walking through a sea of men who seem to be blind to my presence. No matter what I do, they refuse to see me…

or is it simply that THEY CANT.

A man (or woman) will never see you if they are not looking for you. They literally have you blocked out. If they are not seeking or are intimidated by your attributes, they are blind to your presence no matter how amazing you are. In no way does this lessen your greatness; it just means that your view is not meant for them.

Whatever you do, do not fight for their sight. That is something you can never change. Simply continue to be and work on you, until the crisp clear vision or your person locks into place. You want that vision to be crystal because impaired site ultimately causes damage.

Remember those happily ever after moments that you keep seeing? Some of those may be a blurred mess of motions. Not everyone seeks clarity these days. Many settle for unclear intentions, that stop short of what they know they deserve, to attain temporary comfort. Don’t ever assume that their grass is greener.

The others are really, truly happy! And this is what we should all want for each other. Celebrate love and wait for your own tailor-made story. Not another one will ever be written in the same way. Relish in the fact that when it comes, it will be for you and him only.

Now, here comes the hard part…

What is your blinder?

Yes. We can have them too and quite frankly, they could be blocking you from seeing your person. Maybe you acquired your blinder through pain. Maybe it covers your eyes through pride. It quite possibly could have been placed by someone else and you just don’t have the strength to lift it yet. Maybe you don’t have one at all and you are completely open to encounter the very one who is meant to see you.

All of these are possibilities but it’s up to you to pinpoint, diagnose and repair if needed. Do not be the one that is walking around these crazy streets blind. You will never paint a clear picture with anyone until you gain personal clarity.

Continue your work in progress. Effort diligently, with intention, in prayer and continue to walk forward in faith. He promises that it will all unfold in your favor!